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Generation Y: The Age of Creativity + Technology

Photograph by: Christina S. Brown of LBS. source.

A millennial is most commonly referring to those born, somewhere between approximately 1980-early 2000's. It's an era of major shifts in the global economy and technological advancement that closely follows generation x, which is said to be the generation born post-World War II baby boom. I'm intrigued by Generation Y; not only am I'm apart of it, but I also am constantly thinking about the ways in which we will affect and transform the future. More than anything, I'm inspired by people of color and where we stand in this regard, but I'm saving that topic for another time (wait for it).

Based on what I've studied and other general observations, there has always been a generation of people who came before another cluster of people who undermine what the new group is capable of. As the saying goes, "Old men for council, young men for war," the truth in that is being open-minded enough to learn and benefit from each other, rather than playing tug-a-war about who's right and who's wrong. With an affinity to technology, our perspectives are often challenged and/or discouraged. We're often told that we lack imagination and social skills. Although I see areas where that can be true, I also beg to differ, because we don't typically receive the credit or applause we deserve. 

Despite what picture mainstream media paints, there is something so inspiring about this generation, full of beautiful minds; optimistic about goals that our parents never thought were possible, vocal about injustices everywhere, and this unmatched willingness to create and fill the voids of society with our outlandish ideas. Everything we do-from our versatile fashion/style choices to the way we use multiple platforms to express how we view the world-is boldly refreshing. Best of all, we are crowned with an amazing ability to set this world on fire. To be around this kind of positive energy is contagious and translucent.

We are the outliers, who are not afraid to take risk, not embarrassed to stand out by simply being, and not afraid to express ourselves. We don't hesitate to break the rules, explore our own curiosities, or ask questions that were once prohibited. It's almost like we were already born well aware that we were designed to make a difference in whatever circumstances we were brought into. Eventually, we realize that our dreams have substantial weight and full of promise; that they are worth believing in and worth pursuing. Yes, technology can sometimes be a crutch or barrier, spoiling us with this idea of instant gratification and entitlement, but once we find ourselves back at that place of self-awareness to tap into our own superpowers, the possibilities really are endless.

It was no accident that I was born within this new wave of influential thinkers, innovators, leaders, and creators. In a culture primarily driven by art + technology, I do believe that my career aspirations, specifically, are perfectly aligned with the pace and direction this world is moving in, as I'm sure is the same for everyone actively working towards their goals and dreams. We have either just arrived or just now entering the prime of our lives; what better time than now to be young and ambitious? 

Everything we are doing now, everything we're building from here on up, is a reflection of this attitude that my life goals are about something bigger than me. My pursuit of happiness on a personal level may not actually have anything to do with me; I just know something must be done during the time I've been blessed with. Even if we aren't necessarily the ones intended to prosper from our contributions to society and the world, we still have so much to offer, both individually and collectively.

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  1. This. right. here.

    Well written and so timely. There are so many criticisms of our generation out there, but when I look around I see all these awesome creatives who are making it (or striving to) if there is any generation that will change the world in a big, big way --it's ours. (spoken with obvious bias). Loved this post-- keep doing ya thing, Chymere!


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