Friday, May 19, 2017

moving to a new city...again

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Over the years, I've learned how exhausting and daunting relocating can be, especially as an adult. After the initial excitement subsides, you're left trying to figure out how to navigate this brand new, foreign city with no friends and no connections to anything closely familiar, other than the few times in your life you've visited. Now, it's time to settle in to your new home.

Please, understand that I am writing from my personal experiences, as I'm well aware that all our experiences in new places differ. I've just had my fair share of uprooting my life to explore something new, which has molded my perspective, which also may or may not be different from your own. 

With that disclaimer aside, it's that time once again to uproot my life to explore something new. For the past several years, I've been back and forth between my comfort zones in Georgia and the Carolinas, Atlanta being where I grew up, NC and SC was where I spent many summers with family, and Greensboro (NC) was the town/city I moved to when I first went off to college. Of course, Atlanta will always be home and there will always be a place in my heart for those other places in the Carolinas, they just don't feel like home to me anymore...for reasons I don't wish to elaborate on. 

Without even realizing it, all this time had flown by and still hadn't truly felt a home-or at least not one I created for myself as an adult. I think the importance of this grows as we get older and are more concerned with the stability and security that comes with being rooted in one place. And this is not to dismiss any of my wanderlust dreams, because I still would like to travel as much as possible; it's just becoming increasingly vital for me to establish a home of my own to come back to.   

This brings me to my big announcement, yet another thing I'm generally super private about. Now the cat's out the bag involving a majority of the people close to me, I am comfortable sharing the news, only because I assume it will just be another blurb that no one will take the time to actually read:

I'm moving to Nashville...
Yes, the Music City of southeastern USA, Nashville, Tennessee.

To be honest, this city was barely on my list of places to go. I always envisioned planting myself in more of a big city, considering that was the environment I grew up in. Even now, I still enjoy the buzz of the city and the breathtaking views, like Atlanta's skyline, however, that idea was challenged when I moved to Los Angeles a few years ago and was quickly humbled by that entire experience. 

Ever since I moved back home the last time, I've been craving a certain level of peace, a kind that cannot inhabit too much noise. I wanted a place with southern charm and hospitality that I love, but also one with a thriving city life and unique culture to immerse myself in. For years, I didn't know where I wanted to be, so I didn't really know where to start in my quest for that, but I was able to find that in Nashville.. 

Each time I would visit, I would think to myself, 'I can see myself living here' and slowly fell in love with this place. Out of curiosity, I started searching for jobs and looking into schools I could potentially transfer to.  That's when things began to take form, quite unexpectedly might I add, because again, Nashville was never really on my radar. 

A few days after applying to jobs, I had several callbacks and job interviews lined up for my next visit. Not thinking anything of it, I put my best foot forward in every interview anyway, just to keep it professional and not make a bad impression. Something told me to apply to the one company I didn't think I was qualified for to begin with and as soon as I entered the building on the day of my interview, I felt a strong connection to the position and the more I learned about the company, the more I could see myself working there. While all this was going on, I was keeping things quiet from friends + family and moving in silence. There was still a little anxiety from being uncertain about everything, so I prayed on it. I asked spirit to guide me and to keep me patient for the answers and clarification I was seeking. 

In a matter of weeks, not only did I land the job for the position I prayed about, I was also accepted into to a school that offered my program and found a an awesome place to live at an affordable rate. Never in my life have I witnessed things happening so exponentially, yet so naturally in my favor, and I refuse to believe that the same God who speaks in mysterious ways wasn't also involved in all of this. 

So there you have it. These next couple of weeks are the calm before the storm. Soon, I'll be packing up my life once again to embark on this new journey that I'm so excited, yet still so nervous about. I'm as ready as I'll ever be. 

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