Essentially, this blog is a collection of all things I deem positively and creatively dope. Inspired by a thriving culture of influential thinkers, innovative minds, and independent/underground creatives in varying industries, the overall mission of this blog is to create a platform that promotes boldness within my own authentic human experience. I represent the misfits, those who tend to bend, break, re-create, and re-define the rules of society with our ambition, simply because we believe that living an epic life begins with doing what you love, being who you are, chasing your wildest dreams, and living between the balance of reality vs. expectation and trying to figure it all out. It's such an honor to be a voice in that movement.

My name is Chymere A. and I am a multi-platform content creator, sports/music enthusiast, and former NCAA athlete. Professionally speaking, I am also a freelance web designer and aspiring sports agent, educated by the illustrious North Carolina A&T State University.

Professionally speaking: 
  • founder/owner + editor-in-chief of #TheSkyBoxSuite an online publication centered around sports and music, officially re-launched in November 2016
  • freelance web designer/dev + creative IT consultant at Sky Box Design Studio 
  • content creator | read the bylines here

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