Sunday, April 22, 2012

Summer Dreams

With the stressful week I experienced last week and the beyond hectic one coming up, I deserved a break. Every once in a while, all dream chasers do, but we have to EARN our weekend.  Basically, this theory defined my weekend. 

Even though Friday and Saturday was semi-work, I still managed to make the most of my free time.  Friday, I realized how much I like someone. Perhaps, I'll expand on that in a later post, but not today.

Saturday, I... Cleaned. Packed. Studied. Jammed out to Elle Varner. Went shopping and out to dinner with Mother Darling.  Speaking of Saturdays, I will do a weekly post dedicated to music called Soundtrack Saturdays, that will explain my life through music, or at least try to.  Being that today is Sunday, I'll have to wait until this coming Saturday to do one. Thought it would be a good idea, since there seems to be a jukebox in my head, constantly playing a song for any given moment and/or situation.

Today was church, basketball, and relaxation/blogging. Church uplifted me. Lakers won, with an unbelievable comeback in a super intense game might I add. And I spent the rest of the day sitting in bed with my mommy doing nothing.

In all its simplicity, my weekend was pretty awesome.  So now I am rejuvenated and ready to begin and end this week! Then, I'll be on my way to NC, which I'm am oddly stoked about. Summer is awaiting at the end of the tunnel with open arms!

The landscape that lies ahead is pretty amazing...summer sunshine, breeze, and as much ocean as possible. Hopefully there will be enough time outside of work and school to work on other projects, including this blog. As exciting as the season is, the most important thing is now; being aware of what's happening, taking in the environment, and speaking life into this very moment.

Currently, I am happy to be where I am in my life and walking with a confidence that makes anything in the world possible. So this summer, to me, is all about chasing dreams, making moves, and having fun while doing it!

I hope your weekend was fabulous! To all my college girls reading, good luck on finals & remember to finish strong!

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