Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Rules x Shanel Cooper-Sykes

Saturday night, one of my mentors, the lovely Shanel Cooper-Sykes, a woman I admire and respect so much, dropped jewels of wisdom for the ladies with the hash tag #WEEKENDRULES on twitter.  Many people, here and there, over the years have taught me what I should be aware of as far as partying goes, but I think this list alone is a pretty exceptional compilation of the best advise I've ever heard. I decided to post it on my blog, because it has the potential to save some young lady out there who doesn't have a clue. Here are the 20 rules on how a lady should conduct herself and maintain poise in public, social setting:
  1. Make sure all your task, responsibilities, and situations are complete so that you actually have an accomplishment to celebrate.
  2. Have a reason to go out (to meet people, to spend time with friends, to enjoy music, to dance, etc.)  If you are going out because you are bored or lonely, STAY HOME and work on YOU! Read, work out, study, write, meditate, etc.
  3. Decide where you're going, what you want to experience, and your plan before you go out, so you don't become apart of someone else's plan.
  4. Have a spending plan before you go out so that you aren't just blowing unnecessary money without realizing it.
  5. Dress how you want to be addressed. Don't go out looking like trash and then be mad when you're treated like it.
  6. Stand out.  Don't wear the same ole "freakum dress", lashes, and long weave that everyone else will have. Be different. Be unique.
  7. Hydrate your body will and eat good if you plan to drink.  If you are dehydrated and hungry, you'll get drunk quickly and that's not cute!
  8. Set your alcohol limit before you start drinking and when you reach it, STOP.  A good buzz lasts a while, but it can fool you to think you can take one more.  Being drunk is so unattractive (and dangerous).  Do that at home, not in public.
  9. Have your own money, buy your own drinks, but graciously receive if a guy offers to buy you one.  There is nothing worse than a chick standing at the bar looking thirsty! And there is nothing wrong with even sending a guy a drink!
  10. Do no accept drinks from others that have been brought over to you in an open glass.  Though you may trust your friends, don't trust the trail of people that the drink passed to get to you.  Date rape drugs and Micky's are commonly used!
  11. Don't easily give out your number to random men who just asked for it.  You're worth more than that! Have a conversation first and if there is a mutual attraction, then take his number.  Then wait a few minutes and text him something cute and sweet.
  12. Don't be on your phone tweeting and texting all night.  It makes you look lonely and desperate.  Turn it off and enjoy the night.
  13. Have positive conversations.  Don't bring your stress and drama into the weekend.  Let it go and create a better week ahead
  14. Accept compliments and flirting with gratitude-not attitude! After all, there are some women who get no attention at all.
  15. Flirt, be sexy, have fun, laugh, smile, and enjoy the people you are with.  No need to be stank, closed, weird, and funny acting.
  16. Go home before the lights come on! Don't be the last person in the club/lounge.  Leave and let people wonder where you went.
  17. Don't go to the club or bar looking to find your husband.  Not saying it's impossible, but if he's at the club, he is not looking for his wife.
  18. Don't sit around VIP tables, celebs, or men with money who are buying bottles.  It's obvious what you're up to and they know it.  Gold diggers aren't cute!
  19. When you're drinking a drink, sip from the same spot.  Don't have lipstick smudges and fingerprints all over the glass.  It looks nasty.
  20. Represent God in you at all times.  Be a lady. Be aware.  Be responsible.  Be beautiful.  Be grateful.  And enjoy yourself!
So, there you have it, the "blueprint", for that next roadtrip with friends or a fun girls night out. To be apart of a network of extraordinary women and improve the quality of your life, be sure to check out some of the classes, products, and seminars offered by Shanel Cooper by clicking here.


  1. These are some great things to remember. I like numbers 5 & 6. I think a classy woman gets tons of respect without letting it all hangout. I appreciate women who stand out from the crowd by being classy & sexy!

  2. Ahhh I love that list! All but the last part on #11...I liked everything except a few mins later send him a cute text...uh un too soon lol. She is dead on with this list though, great tips to be remembered.

  3. Can I just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I feel like every female on twitter should read this, but seriously! I seen myself in a few...took a couple of tips away. I may tweet this. Great post.

  4. Yessss! Isn't she awesome. Very beneficial for ALL women!


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