Friday, October 19, 2012

Countdown to LAX

If you know me at all, you know where my heart is when it comes to geography.  Even if you don't know me, but follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and/or blogger, you've probably easily guessed where I would be tomorrow if I had the opportunity.  On multiple occasions, I shared lists of goals, some short term and some long term, all set within the fall equinox, which is believed a perfect time for planting seeds.  Each list, as well as several other post throughout this blog, included where my dream location is, so this is nothing new. 

One of my short term goals was to pick a date to move, because I, personally, work better with deadlines.  It gives me something definite to look forward to, an incentive so to speak. This would also help me understand how much time I have given myself calculate logistics and organize finances, so when it's time to move, everything is in order and the transition is smooth.  Like all major decisions, I prayed about it. Finally, a date was confirmed. It resonated in my spirit and I automatically locked into my mental calendar.  Since then, I've been dedicating honest effort to make everything and everyday count so that not a single day is wasted. the countdown has officially begun!

Ideally, leading up to that day, a great amount of time will be spent with family and friends.  That's honestly the hardest part about leaving, so it's imperative that high value is placed on time appreciating the ones I love. A few months prior, maybe as early as February, the one way ticket will be booked, if driving isn't an option at that point.  There is still time to figure out logistics, but I certainly plan on getting rid of a lot of tangibles to make room a fresh new start.

At first, I didn't want to publically release the date yet, however the reason I wanted to share it is for accountability purposes. When next summer rolls around, I want my inbox to be full of enthused questions about whether or not I've made it to my destination yet.  To some, it may seem  a bit hasty and insane to think that it's possible to move across country in less than a year and many may doubt me.  Those people fail to realize how long I've dreamed of the day I would be in California for good. Fortunately, there are more than enough people in my corner, who are rooting for me and hoping I live up to the challenge.

Thank you to all the support from my followers!  It really does mean so much to me when you guys encourage me to live my dreams!!!


  1. I plan on moving in the future, no date yet, and I was looking across country. Its funny because people think such a major change is unnecessary or a bit much but its really about fulfilling a destiny. California seems like a great place to live.. If I may ask, how did cali become the desired state?

    1. Great question and I definitely agree with you on fulfilling a destiny. For me, California just gives me a good feeling, almost like my spirit comes alive. On top of that it's an absolutely beautiful place with so much to offer in the various areas/towns/cities and from my point of view there is something for everyone who decides to dwell there.

      Hope that answers your question!

  2. That's great! And I agree when you set a date it does hold you accountable. It gives you something to work towards. Best wishes!


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