Monday, November 12, 2012


In Lust With: Channing Tatum, as well as the latest eye candy from No Boiz Allowed Mr. Don Benjamin . Yes to the Lord.

In Love With: God. Myself. Ambition. And those individuals in my circle who embody all of the above. Everything happening to, for, and around me. Life is simply beautiful = )
Working On:  press kits for my business, assignments/research papers for class, and trying to maintain a healthy balance. Yikes!
Favorite Words: "When was the last time you allowed your soul to validate something for you?" Food for thought from last Sunday's sermon The Truth About Truth
Favorite Visual: This new lovely layout for my blog, designed by Kimberly Luxe. It definitely exceeded all my expectations!
Favorite Sound: Bossa Nova inspired jazz...Stan Gentz & Joao Gilberto radio on Pandora is just so...soothing. Great music to study/work to.
Over the Moon About: The power of creating my own reality using divine imagination, the ability to see a situation, imagine as true, and it come to reality.

Thinking Of: holiday plans and gifting ideas.
Dreaming Of: Days where I allow my body to wake up naturally, make a cup of coffee, sit down at my desk and just write. Shower. Dress. Make an appearance at my office only to be greeted by enthused and art-driven employees, followed by a day of casual business meetings, expressing to clients and business partners my creative ideas, having lunch with a friend, exploring different parts of California. When I come home, curl up in my lounge wear with my the love of my life; cook for him, laugh with him, converse, watch a movie, then write some more. Fall asleep and wake up to a different schedule with consistent faces, yet another equally amazing day that I anticipate, love, and appreciate. One day...


  1. Awesome layout!

    - Stephanie from

  2. Thank you on behalf of Kimberly Luxe, Ms. Stephanie Chanel!


  3. Awesome! I love you soooo much for using this, it makes me feel like I've inspired someone :) And I love the new layout of your blog! Channing Tatum is now sexiest man alive, did you predict that? Lol

  4. Indie: You are quite welcome and you did inspire me! = )

    I didn't predict it but I could definitely agree!

    Thank you for stopping by!



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