Wednesday, December 5, 2012


{Visual: Christmas in NYC}
♥ In Lust With: certain material things that serve no purpose beyond physical know, those tangible items that are desired, but not needed, there to entice you to spend money that could be saved, invested, and/or potentially used for something of greater importance...guilty as charged.
♥ In Love With: air. This may seem like a strange obsession, but lately I've just been in complete admiration of the beautiful flow of the wind. When I think of the term 'air' as a noun, and the term 'airy' as an adjective, I think of easy going, whimsical feelings and the strength/power of effortless movement, which is the way I view life sometimes.

♥ Working On:  a few things that are not necessarily tied into each other, such as: becoming a better writer; fitness and health; getting finances in order; [and] understanding the positive is just as real as the negative and learning how to combine both in order to see the bigger picture.

Favorite Words: "You are something the whole universe is doing, in the same way that a wave is something that the whole ocean is doing" -Alan Watts

Favorite Visual: The illumination of cities and towns during the holidays. Something so incredible happens in the midst of it all.

Favorite Sound: silence.

♥ Over the Moon About: welcoming/accepting the end of some things to turn a new leaf and starting a new chapter; building a life/career individually without neglecting to celebrate the successes of others when it's their moment.
♥ Thinking Of: solutions and different ways to end 2012 with a BANG!

♥ Hoping for/Dreaming of:  the miracle of a better tomorrow.

♥ Anticipating: Waking up early on Christmas day to do volunteer work, returning home humbled and blessed to be under a roof with my family. Even without gifts or a tree, it's still a rewarding time to enjoy the simplicity of watching sports, lounging around in cute pajamas all day, and winding down by getting cozy with big mocha mugs and blankets in time for late night Christmas movies. I cannot wait...

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  1. Love this! Awww, excited about doing the same for Christmas :) and New Years, great minds girl, great minds hahaha. Seriously though, I'm struggling to figure out NYE plans but know I want to start 2013 off with a bang, 2012 was such an accomplishing year for me. Le sigh, hopefully we'll figure something out lol. And I looooove your quote :)


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