Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Currently {with a Twist}

♥ thinking about... incorporating more elements to my blog such as more style post, as the pieces of my revamped wardrobe slowly come together, bring back Fitness Fridays, book/film reviews, and maybe even an advice column, to make it more interactive.

♥ excited about… swim practice in a few days and moving to California in a few much to accomplish in such little time!

♥ infatuated with... my hair. It's just so soft and curly and this is my first time noticing...or maybe it's never been this healthy.

♥ reading 'Water for Elephants' by Sara Gruen

♥ creating…  Opportunities and some hand made creations for an etsy shop ^_^ (further details coming soon)

♥ working on saving money, different projects that all involve turning my passions into a career, and completing undergrad. Busy girl, but I really do try to maintain balance.

♥ loving… myself, and the woman I'm becoming, more and more each day.

♥ hating the fact that I can't take everyone I love to Cali with me.

♥ wondering how long it will take for me to not want meat at all on the journey to becoming a vegetarian.

♥ anticipating... this year's Warped Tour; hopefully I'll be able to go.

♥ craving Sunny weather, sun dresses, adventure, hair flowing in the wind with the windows down & music at full blast, bright neon manis/pedis....SUMMER!

♥ listening to… The Foreign Exchange radio on Pandora.

♥ watching… my dog sleep peacefully at my feet.

♥ netflix-ing... Gossip Girl

♥ drinking... way too much coffee...I think it's become my vice since I stopped drinking..



  1. Love Love Love The Foreign Exchange! and Scandal!? Yes, please! Hope all is going well with your veggie journey, stay strong! <3

  2. SCANDAL!!!!!! It comes on tomorrow and I can't wait. It's like a party every thursday in my house lol.

    I'm so excited for your big move to Cali. You're going to LOVE it. Just a little tip, it DOES rain in Southern California so don't believe the hype lol. P.S. I might be moving back to Cali in the next 2 years. I planned for NY but things are changing. Also L.A. is only 4 hours from Vegas so I'm sure we'll be able to link up. =)

    Miss Daja

    1. Oh that's exciting!! That would be so awesome if you were there too...just think of all the collaboration possibilities! We'll still be close so that's pretty cool...And yes I know it rains in SoCal lol

  3. How is Water for Elephants? And an etsy shop is in our midst? Awesome! I'm loving this new Currently format and I like your idea about blogging on specified days. I try to keep myself organized that way too :)

    The Indie Byline

  4. awwww ! you sound so happy and healthy <3 Yay for vegetarianism ! ...even though I don't think the craving for meat ever really, like fully goes away :/

    peace, love, & blessings !

    1. I guess I am indeed and happy and on my way to wealthy = ))
      And you're probably right: I don't think it goes away!

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. I'm planning to incorporate more interaction into my blog as well. I'd like to open a shop to sell fan t-shirts on my blog, receive some sponsors for the first time, and increase the giveaway amounts. The giveaway for Feb will be $250.00!

    I need to work on saving money too! I think we're going to buy a mini safe in order for us to save some money. Maybe we can throw away the code or something.

    1. Giveaways are always exciting!!! I'll have to build to that point.
      What kind of T-shirts?

      And the saving money is definitely a process...but we can't throw away the code...we'll need to get the money out one day lol

      Thanks for your comments!


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