Saturday, March 9, 2013


Inspired by The Indie Byline

♥ In Lust With:  Matt Kemp of the L.A. Dodgers...all I can say is...mmm mmm mmm...didn't he date Rihanna? Whatever..that's beside the point..

In Love With:  My support system: My family, my true friends, and people (who have been around since the mere thought of me) that still check on me out of loyalty to my grandparents

Working On: strategy, or an execution plan rather.  Jumping head first isn't always the smartest move to make and with that faint sign of maturity, I'm doing what I to create a safety net of dreams and reality for me to land safely; making my next move my best move.

Favorite Words:  Although I'm unsure of the original author, this letter that has been floating around tumblr is simply exquisite...and I can't honestly say I use that word to describe things often.  The day someone loves me in that script is the day the universe has openly welcomed me to heaven without requiring an exit in the physical realm first. Yes. Just that beautiful, so read it! 

Favorite Visual: star studded skies, wishing my camera was good enough to take pictures of them. 

Favorite Sound:  Tori Kelly's voice sounds angelic and she KILLED that cover of Michael Jackson's PYT, which (in its original version) is one of my favorite songs by the way. I think I've mentioned her about 3-4 times over the course of this blog already, because she is just that awesome. 

Over the Moon About: the freedom of choices, even the illusion of them. Do any of you realize how much of a luxury that is in comparison to cultures who don't have the ability to decide at all?  It's powerful when you think about it.

Thinking Of: a person I really wish I could stop thinking about...

Dreaming Of: exotic Ambergris Caye, Belize...or Cairo, Egypt...Santorini, Greece.  I cannot wait until the day that my passport is stuffed with stamps from these places plus some.



  1. Yes ma'am! It is very powerful indeed. That's why when young people around me act incapable, I'm like whyyyy? We have such freedom, so many choices. There should be no excuse. I LOVED hat letter. I've felt that before, I hope to feel it again :)

    And ma'am, who are we thinking of other than Matt Kemp? ;);)

    1. Yes.

      And's not all chocolate and roses by a long shot...someone I need to let go of..ugh.


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