Monday, March 4, 2013

The Happy List: 10 Things That Bring Me Joy

  1. Music.  There has to be some kind of magic dust in music.  It's a force that has the power to provoke any emotion; a force that can cause and calm any raging storm that takes place inside me.  
  2. The love shared between friends and family members are bonds very sacred to me.  No matter what the distance, that connection grounds and sustains me and for that I am eternally grateful.
  3. Movie nights are just the best thing to do on nights where no one really feels like going out for whatever reason.  Intimate nights like this bring people close. 
  4. Feel good shows (i.e. Fresh Prince, Boy Meets World, A Different World, etc.).  What happened to television with actual story lines, positive role models, and happy endings? Reality TV is pollution to a space where good sitcoms once existed. 
  5. Large bodies of water hold the capacity center me. With each molecule, I find peace. When I submerge myself in a pool, or stand at the shore of crashing waves, happiness just takes over my being in ways I can't begin to explain.  In or near water, I am completely in my element and there is no place in the world like it.  
  6. Cupcakes. Why cupcakes have the ability to make me smile is beyond me.  I love the delicate sweetness of an adorable, well made cupcake.
  7. The enthusiasm that my dog has when I come home is incredible. Her tail wags rapidly as she jumps to beg for wet kisses.   She doesn't seem to care how long I've left her alone, so I can live in my world surrounded by colleagues, associates and friends. All she knows is I'm home and that's good enough for her.
  8. Children's laughter is just so fearless, innocent, and fully of simple joy.  I admire the effortless giggles that are usually ignited by things adults don't even notice.
  9. Sunrises/sunsets are the epitome of God's amazing artistry.  The way the sun perfectly sits on a landscape at dusk and dawn, centered strategically in a sky of a spectrum of contrasting colors is so easy to get lost in.
  10. Beautiful words. Naturally, I fall in love with literature.  This is not limited to a book, but any play of words that tell a story.  It's amazing what can be learned by reading how people write their hearts and souls on a blank canvas. 

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