Thursday, April 18, 2013


-inspired by Sheriden Chanel-

♥ In Lust With: These adorable little speakers featured on Gillian's blog + every little pretty thing I can find on Pinterest, a platform intricately designed to tease all my senses. 

♥ In Love With: my dear friends, who I like to refer to as the chosen tribe.

 ♥ Obsessing over:  EOS lip balm eggs! I definitely will be purchasing more to add to my new collection. Love those things! And candles from Bath & Body Works...amazing.

♥ Working On:  My summer body/Lifetime fitness and my very own "life plan"; one I can fully believe in to follow and one that I can trust is aligned with what God wants, not just what I see fit.

♥ Favorite Words: define everything I'm feeling at the moment: Serendipity; Love; Happiness; Wholeness; Completion. 

♥ Favorite Visual:  My current desktop background of the city skyline (pictured above), such beautiful imagery of my hometown...and the pretty spring flowers popping up everywhere! 

♥ Favorite Sound:  Big K.R.I.T.'s voice. Something about that deep, southern drawl is so soothing to me, lol.

♥ Over the Moon About: Spending a weekend or a few catching up on movies released this year that I haven't seen yet, as well as some of the movies coming out in the next few months, such as Iron Man 3, The Great Gatsby (which, by the way is one of my favorite classic books), and Man of Steel. [Currently Planning the ultimate movie night]

 Thinking Of: California, all the opportunities...and about moving circa originally scheduled, just because the unfinished business I spoke of  H E R E  is looking like it's all coming to completion faster than expected.  

 Dreaming Of: perfect summer days spent lounging at a beach somewhere...complete with showing off my body and trying to eat my popsicle before it melts. I live.


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  1. Yes the EOS lip balms are wonderful and it's organic. California is beautiful which I'm sure I don't need to mention that lol. I remember when we lived there when my parents were stationed there it was always something to do.


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