Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Breaking Bad

Honestly, the last thing I needed in my life was yet another sitcom to play catch up with; I'm behind on everything I love when it comes to television and I went from the person who didn't watch TV at all to the person who has created a pastime of it. Well, 'Breaking Bad' has been added to that never ending list...and after finishing the full first season in the matter of 24 hours, I'm officially hooked. 

Essentially, the show is centered around Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who, at the opening of the show, discovers he has a terminal illness.  It boils down to what one man would do to provide for his family and what extremes he would go to to protect and support those he love, even if it means breaking the law on a major scale. On another hand, there seems to be some kind of rush he gets from exploring a world, totally separate from his own, yet so very close to home, literally, and perhaps is the element of his alter ego. The plot conveys a dangerous mixture of light and darkness, the best part about that being the internal conflict of how he keeps both worlds separate.  In a way, it is very much like 'Weeds' (if you are familiar with all of Nancy, the main character's, shenanigans) except a little more cynical and more hardcore, less humor.  Like Nancy, even if he were to cave in towards a certain moral standard, he couldn't just decide to stop one day if he wanted to, because at that point, he is in too deep.  If you don't watch 'Weeds', you probably have no real clue what I'm talking about, so without dishing out the good stuff of either show, all I can do is suggest you watch them both. 

A few episodes in, I was a bit weary about continuing, because it hits a little close to home for me. Drugs, in any capacity, make me cry and I've dealt with cancer on a very personal basis more than once in my lifetime.  Therefore, it tugs on my heart strings for different reasons.  However, the storyline is so developed and so intense, that before I knew it, I was sucked right in, not knowing if I'm on Mr. Walter White's side or with his brother-in-law, Hank.  You'll have to see it to really understand the line that is drawn there. Now that I think about it, I mostly enjoy shows that keep me on my toes in the character development, how the script is written, and shows that, ultimately, have my mind in complete shock with every twist and turn. Predictability bores me, honestly. And what intrigues me the most about this show, upon further research, is how deeply rooted in the literature of ancient poets it is; in satire, in symbolism, etc. I'm a nerd, sue me. All I can say is job well done, Mr. Vince Gilligan, job well done. 

With that being said, this show is a major hit for me.  By the time this post goes up, I'm pretty sure I'll be halfway through season 2, which, According to Netflix time, means I'm halfway done catching up. 

Are any of you a fan of this show? If not, feel free to jump the bandwagon with me.  This is what I'd like to call good television. 



  1. I've heard nothing but good things about this show but I feel like I'd have so much to catch up on! Maybe one weekend when I have nothing to do I can start watching it...



    Southern (California) Belle

  2. Let me say, Breaking Bad is in my top 5 favorite TV shows. I'm all about a well written drama and this is one of the best. I'm not sure what season it's on now bc I don't have cable but I had to go online to watch the season that isn't on Netflix. Some dramas I end up rolling my eyes at after a few seasons bc either it gets too dramatic and corny or too off the wall unrealistic. But Braking Bad has never let me down. I want you to catch up because I want to see whose side you end up being on, later in the show. It get's crazy! Love it!

  3. One of my favorite shows. I don't watch much tv so the shows I do watch are all online. I haven't seen any of Season 5 so I need to catch up but this is definitely the type of show that once you start, you won't stop so I'm not surprised with your 1st Season within 24hours . LOL.

    Breaking Bad
    Prison Break
    anything on the Food Network
    anything on HGTV

    are in my top 5 shows.

    and I love YouTube Web series like Blackandsexytv

    Ooh this post made me happy! I don't know too many people aside from 2 of my co-workers who watch Breaking Bad. It gets even BETTER. Enjoy.

    Miss Daja


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