Wednesday, May 15, 2013


In Lust With:  Juicing! Everyone is opting to juice these days and I think it is wonderful. I never would've guessed that a healthy fruit drink with a spinach or kale base would actually be so delicious.  I've been finding all sorts of delicious recipes on different blogs and so far, I've been loving them all. I don't even crave coffee anymore, which is a great thing! 

 In Love With: how happy I've been lately. It seems that the changes in my lifestyle to create a more healthy one has made a complete difference in my attitude. I have tons more energy, I've been going to bed on time and sleeping lavishly, and I've just been feeling so refreshed.  With a clear mind, sound spirit,  and summer body in progress, I can honestly say that both my creativity and productivity are benefiting from the changes as well.

 ♥ Obsessing over:  nothing really. I'm at a place where I'm letting things move naturally and doing what I can do without that control factor.

♥ Working On:  a financial plan for the move to Cali and setting myself up for the first 3 months as a resident.  I've moved on my own a few times without a plan and I'm seriously not trying to make this another on the whim vacation of the heart.  I have postponed the original move date to early 2014, by the way.

 Favorite Words:   "Don't be sharp. Don't be flat. Be natural."

 Favorite Visual:  The aesthetics of modern architecture, especially in different parts of the world. Stunning.

 Favorite Sound:  The short theme song on the TV show 'Breaking Bad'. It gives me chills, because I just know it's about to be so good!

 Dreaming Of:  What my best self looks/acts like, who she is in love with, how she loves...I must say, I can't wait to be her.



  1. Congratulations about being a part of Chrisette Michele's street team! She's dope and that's dope! Wow, what does that all entail? I'm happy that you are thinking about restarting your photo challenge, I think you should do it even if you don't have the camera of your dreams just yet. I'm really happy to hear about your moving date and the financial plan you're working on, that is so commendable, courageous, brave - those words mean the same thing but they were in my head as I was reading about it so I put them here too :) Rest and health are a beautiful thing. And I haven't gotten on the juicing train yet, but I hear that it is really amazing. Do they have a restaurant or a cafe that does the juicing for you, kind of like there are smoothie places and coffee places? If there were, that'd be awesome. And about your best self, I think you're already halfway there. That awareness in itself is so beautiful and as I was reading it, I couldn't help but think this is such a beautiful soul.

    1. awww your words mean so much...thank you!

      And to answer your question...they do. There are some juice bars at different LA Fitness gyms and there is one called NrGize Lifestyle Cafe downtown Atlanta...and you can just google them to find different locations.

      Thanks again for all the compliments and affirmations! I really do appreciate that!


  2. I laughed so hard at your "sound" because I know it's going to be so good! LOL.

    Juicing and eating clean definitely plays a part in ones mood, creativity and productivity. The results is what keeps me going.

    Good luck with everything doll.

  3. I enjoy reading your Currently lists, Chymere. I especially love your "dreaming of" statement. And congrats on being a part of Chrisette Michele's street team for "Better." She is awesome! Can't wait to see what you'll be sharing!

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