Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jet Set Chronicles | Carry-On Tote + Travel Essentials

Unfortunately, I haven't done much traveling this year.  There are a few travel arrangements in the works satisfy my inner wanderlust within the next few months left of 2013 and I'm really excited about them for various reasons. Because I intend to travel as much as possible in 2014, I've decided to expand and start a new mini-series entitled, JetSet, a resource and travel guide for young women on the go. 

For the introductory post to this series, I wanted to invite you to sit next to me on this flight to get a sneak peek inside my carry-on tote (lol). I've noticed other bloggers and beauty gurus on YT participate and I personally enjoy them. I like to keep one packed in the case that a last minute, impromptu road trip comes up.  Some of these are wishlist items, but in due time, I'll be making those investments.  Until then, here's how I would pack a minimal bag to meet all the security requirements for a carry on and still manage to have everything I need.
  1. Hoodie. Planes have a tendency to be cold.  Even in a car, people like me will have the a/c blasting. To stay comfortable ready in both situations, I'd recommend a hoodie like this one that's small enough to stuff in the bad and easy to throw on. 
  2. Tablet. A tablet that is compatible with my current phone is one of the things I have yet to invest in, but I soon will.  Tablets' sleek design helps eliminate the need for an over-sized laptop, because it doesn't take up too much space or weigh too much.  The technology is efficient and multi-functional too, so it's just a really nice to have, whether the trip is business related or just for fun.  
  3. Passport wallet. For international travelers, I'd suggest carrying a passport wallet that stores passports along with all the other essentials, like debit/credit and identification cards. This should actually be #1, because having all your important documents and belongings in one, accessible place is extremely important. I really like this one I found on Etsy. 
  4. Magazines. Ebony. Architectural Digest. Nylon. Essence. Rolling Stone. Whatever your preference, magazines are perfect for leisure reading/browsing to keep you busy and entertained. 
  5. Earbuds.  I am currently in the process of putting more music on my phone to avoid having too many gadgets on hand at  once.  From music to audiobooks and videos, this is definitely something I refuse to leave home without, especially on a long flight.
  6. iPhone. Self explanatory, right?
  7. Portable phone charger. And who would want their phone on that dreaded 1% battery life mid-flight? Not I. 
  8. Travel size toiletries. What if your out-of-state crush wants to meet up for lunch when you land? What if you have a layover in a state when you expect to arrive to your destination? This is a woman's travel emergency kit for unexpected changes in the itinerary. In addition to that, security is enforcing more and more restrictions, therefore it's vital to have FAA approved products while traveling. 
  9. Facial wipes.  Flying can tiring, daunting even, so it's good to stay fresh after a long flight. The Pacifica brand is my absolute favorite. Not only do their coconut water cleansing wipes smell and feel incredible on my skin, they are 100% vegan and designed for people with sensitive skin. (By the way, I am not being paid to promote this.) 
  10. Healthy snacks.  It's normal to have the munchies while traveling.  To avoid having to spend an excessive amount of money on food at the airport, pack snacks for in between meals that are both healthy and fulfilling. 
I hope you all enjoyed virtually vacationing with me! 
If you have done a 'what's in my carry on', or any travel related post, please leave the link in the comment section below, so I can check them out. If you've not done one, I tag you!!! 

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  1. Loving this post! One of my friends actually just bought me a travel document wallet that has these cute little dividers in them for all of my different travel docs! It was such a cute and unique gift! I believe one similar can be found at the store Cotton On. They have cute little travel accessories, totes, and bags at great prices! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks for the links! I'll be sure to check that out. And that is a lovely gift....who knows? Maybe someone in my life will be nice enough to get me something travel related for Christmas!

      Glad you enjoyed it, lady!

  2. first off, thanks for visiting my blog :) woo.
    second, i have that exact michael kors bag hahaha (but I'm going to gift it to my future MIL)
    three, GIRL YOU NEED TO TRAVEEEEL MORE :) I'm really like addicted to traveling
    four, i agree 100% on the hoodie thing :)

    1. de nada.
      haha, great minds, great minds.
      I knowwww. sigh.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Just in time! I'm traveling next month and getting on a plane for the first time! Lol I'm late I know, but thanks for this list, seriously :)

    1. Oh wow, that's exciting! Better late than never right? And you're so welcome hun!

  4. I agree on all of these items! That passport/essentials holder from Etsy is too cute, just added it to my wishlist :). Only thing I'd add to this list is a pair of sunglasses :D


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