Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Inspired by Sheriden Chanel

♥ In Love with: my new church family. As important as it has always been to surround myself with people I can connect with on a spiritual level, it has been the missing component in a lot of my friendships and it's probably, because I was too closed and resistant to allow those kind of relationships to develop. I am so grateful that I opened my heart up to let new people in my life, especially ones that hold me accountable and allow me to grow in my relationship with God. 

♥In Lust with: technology and how swift and intelligent it is! I find myself totally coveting new gadgets or thinking of ways to revamp (the use of) old ones. It amazes me constantly that genius mind capacity can be transmitted through a device.  

 Obsessing over: Christmas and NYE Plans! I thought I was a little crazy, considering it is just October, but Home Alone came on television this past weekend, so that only encouraged me to feel festive. (lol)

♥ Working On:  A conceptual outline for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which is in November. The annual project was designed to help amateur writers like myself with the discipline and dedication they need to complete a novel, or at least the first draft. 

 Favorite Words: "Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it."-Bill Cosby

 Favorite Visual:  a clean and nicely organized house.  I've gotten into the habit of making sure my vicinity is kept clean, especially my bedroom. Waking up and coming home to a clean room is just so...aesthetically pleasing. I've also been loving fall inspired home decor, such as faux fur throws, cute holiday accents, decorative mantles, etc. There is just something about a clean, cozy interior during the cooler seasons seasons that just warms my heart. 

 Favorite Sound: Lianne La Havas' voice. I've been listening to her a lot lately and those vocals give me chills every time. She is extremely talented, so underrated...and that happens to too many artist; what's new?

♥ Anticipating : a few things. Christmas. The celebration of love at upcoming fall and winter weddings. Watching the harvest of seeds planted last year around this time.  

 Thinking about: where I am mentally, as well as all the things I'm learning in regards to God and my faith. Definitely sensing a progress that took years to unfold. 

 Over the Moon about:  where hard work and patience is taking me and the result of both so far; conquering goals one step at a time.

 Dreaming Of: love...or rather the potential of it showing up in a way I never would have imagined, which proves that God's will is greater.



  1. That's so nice you have a church family, and I cannot wait for Christmas either!

  2. this is a cute post! i'm excited for the holidays too...and just some time off :)

  3. I thought I was the only one already making holiday plans! I'm currently planning a tree-trimming party and a NYE bash. Oh, and my folks are coming to my place for Thanksgiving. I'm super-stoked to say the least!

    I started on the NaNoWriMo path at least two times and didn't finish :/ Why did I never think of doing an outline beforehand? I might try again this November. I wish you the best with your writings and goals for next month!

  4. I was watching home alone last weekend too! What a nice trip down memory lane! :) . Love your list ! Bring on the holidays. . and holiday movies :D!!

    - Taila


  5. Maybe it's the Christmas decorations that are up and all around stores but I'm anticipating Christmas as well! I hope to one day feel connected to a church as much as you have seemed to. I can definitely say that my relationship with God has gotten pretty far but the church part of things is still lacking in these parts for me, but I'm so happy you were able to have that because I know that it's so hard to find. I've never heard of National Novel Writing Month (I think that's it lol) but I should look into it, Lord knows I have not been writing like I should, maybe you should post some deets here on your blog if you find it to be fruitful :)

    I loved your ending thought, I think I'll hold that sentence close to me moving forward :)


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