Sunday, December 8, 2013


Inspired by Sheriden Chanel 

♥In Lust with:  his ambition. That's all I can say for now. = )

 Obsessing over: Christian rap music. Lately, I've fallen into a heavier gravitation towards conscious rap. Christianity and a higher truth through lyrics is something that I strongly believe hip-hop is in dire need of, not just for the sake of subconsciously saving souls, but mainly for the younger generation to have something positive to listen to. And it's not just for's just about being open to hearing a great message through mainstream music; music that doesn't just sound good, but feels good also. Believe it or not, what we allow into our spirits affects us in some way or another, so it's important to use discernment in everything. 

♥ Working On:  mentally preparing myself for classes next semester, by staying abreast by studying ahead. Head in the books.  Also, less promoting, more doing is the business lesson of the day.  The magazine not where I need it to be yet, so it's still very conceptual, however, a constant work in progress. Oh, and Vlogmas videos daily, until 12.25.13!

 Favorite Words: Namaste (the universe/divinit in me honors the universe/divinity in you). Agape (unconditional love). Serendipity (finding something good without looking for it). These are indefinitely more than just words; they are also lifestyle choices. 

 Favorite Visual:   Winter nights in the city around Christmas time. It's absolutely magical. I feel this way every year, never fails.

 Favorite Sound: "Hang on the mistletoe, I'm gonna get to know you better/ This Christmas..." on the radio.

♥ Anticipating : Flying into the new year on a strong and positive note + fromawildflower, presented by KL // launch: 01.01.14

 Thinking about:  Planning ahead for the possibility of a New Year in another country next year.  Although NYC would be ideal for NYE celebration, I think I'm just going to do the low key thing at home and church this year.

 Over the Moon aboutGetting back in school.  I mentioned this in a recent vlog that I've taken so much time off from undergrad, it's ridiculous. Now, with a new school and a new major, it's like I'm getting a fresh new start and I'm so grateful for that opportunity to do so.  Knowledge is power.  

 Dreaming OfAchieving all the grand scale goals I've set out for myself. What a beautiful day that will be...


  1. I see you girl and your lust for "his ambition", can't wait to hear more one day! Lol and even though I'm getting through these last two finals, I'm super ready for next semester's classes too. What an exciting journey you're reembarking on, and I don't care how much time you've taken off, what's most important is that you've decided to go back :) I so hope that I can join you in traveling to another country because ever since Mexico, that's something I hope to do yearly at least once, but we'll have to see what the budget allows :) Do you know where you want to go?

    And I'm a new lover of Christian rap music ever since my bestie spit some rhymes at his open mic night a few weekends ago, there was such power in their lyrics and they did it without vulgarities and while keeping themselves drenched in light. I do think what we listen to has an effect on our spirits, so it's important to know what you're feeding yourself I think

    1. Oh but of course (you will hear more)

      I'm thinking something Paris, France or Santorini, Greece! Maybe even something closer like Toronto, Canada. You are definitely welcome to join me...I need a travel partner!

  2. my brother turned me on to Christian rap music and it's a nice mix up from gospel!

  3. Yes, girl! Sounds like 2014 is going to be YOUR year! So happy for you.

    You reminded me of my mother when you stated that what we allow in our spirits, whether thats music, or whatever, affects us in some way or another and using discernment. I couldn't agree with you more! Not rap, but I love Mali music; I'm sure you know of him.

    Looking forward to hearing more about the journey & this new "boo thang."


    1. Aww thanks! I sure do hope so.

      Wise woman! Moms know best. My mommy taught me the same things. It's so crazy that I'm turning into her, but that's a beautiful thing.

      I've heard of him but haven't really listened to any of his music. I suppose I will now that you brought it up.

      LOL you will. There will be glimpses of him here and there = ]


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