Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Trusting the Process...or Trying to

Lately, I've given a great amount of thought to the process of things and learning that God has ways of showing me the importance of that whenever I neglect it. I also understand that trusting the work of the universe isn't based on a timeline that I've set for myself. 

Make a decision + commit has been the theme of the year so far, however, it helps to see the options I do have. All of the confusion that's happening right now could, more than likely, be a matter of faith and trusting the process, rather than trying to control it; to take things one step at a time and not be in such a hurry. Where God leads, he'll also equip us with everything we need, which is something I often have to remind myself.

More than anything, I'm just ready to move forward into a place where I no longer feel so stagnant or bound to a given set of circumstances, because I have the power to change my reality. I want the freedom to work on my passion projects and pursue higher learning at the same time, no matter where I am, and believe that whatever choice I do make will lead me in the right direction. I just have to decide and stand firm in the decision. 

Sometimes, I think our own desires have the potential to manifest false signs. For instance, wanting something so badly, that signs show up, simply because the belief is so strong. Typically, I want what I want right now, but too often give up before there's any real effort or preparation, neglecting the entire process completely out of anxiety. It's true; faith is work.

All that being said, whenever I become frustrated about the time it will take to achieve a certain goal, I try to remember that time is a man-made concept and that God's timing is perfect.


-Chymere A.

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