Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Inspired by The Indie Byline

In Love with:  The beauty of life's unexpected twist and turns | The people in my life who keep me focused and encourage my growth

Working On:  projects: a children's book + trying to get my first poetry book published | Lifestyle: Getting my body used to a super busy summer schedule and maintaining proper balance (and sleep) | Other: Reading at least 2 books before May is over. The goal is to read 2 books every month for the rest of the year

Music [favorite sounds]: Chargaux | Ross David | Victoria White | Little Dragon

Anticipating :  2 weeks!!! Wait for it...

Reading :  #GirlBoss by: Sophia Amoruso

 Watching: The Big Bang Theory | Dexter | House of Cards
Favorite Words:  Keep going.

Thinking about: Tattoo ideas | Travel plans | Ways to make my blog better and a more prominent platform for art to be a bold voice in a world where the wrong people are silenced | Opening an etsy shop, if time allows. If I do, I'll definitely keep you all in the know :-) | In lighter news, debating whether or not I want to go back to Team Samsung or stay with Team iPhone #firstworldproblems

Over the Moon about: Everything that is manifesting in this moment. Just a couple of weeks ago, I felt morose about everything and nothing, but then one day, I literally woke up with motivation to change my attitude and shift my perceptions. Life becomes really amazing when you hold tight to the magic that lives within hope and optimism. Good vibes only.

Dreaming Of:  sea, sun, and sand



  1. GIRL. Let me know when you finish House of Cards so I can let all of these feelings out!

  2. LOVE the new blog look! and I loved House of Cards so much!!

    1. Thanks lady! And yes...this show is so intense, but it draws me all the way in!

  3. Ma'am, this blog is looking fierce! Lol I love the photo you chose as your currently, God's world is immaculate. I love your view on life and that you clearly have so much positivity surrounding you. Can I join you on that 2 books a month goal? I haven't been doing enough reading for pleasure lately. I also want sea, sun, and sand haha. And good luck with dem goals gull! I know you got it ;)

    1. Aww Thank you!!

      And yes, please join the 2 books a month challenge! We can definitely make that a thing.

  4. Ohhhh I'm excited to hear about your tattoo ideas!

  5. Attitude is everything loving this list and the photo, nature is great!

  6. Love your photo! And I wish you the best in all your plans and goals! How is Girl Boss? I haven't heard of that one and am always looking for a good read :)


    1. Thank you! And it is amazing...definitely a book I'd recommend!


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