Friday, June 20, 2014

Less is More

The older I get, the notion that less is more is more appealing to digest.  In this ambitious, busy world we live in, sometimes it can be difficult to find lost value in the smallest of things, but more and more, I'm learning how to do so with ease.

Simplicity makes me incredibly happy and too often it appears to be too faint to actually touch.  When I begin to wrap my psyche around what I picture my life to be on a day to day basis and what I hope for the future, I don't think I ask for too much; all I ever really wanted was to live a creative life and be constantly surrounded by love, art, and travel.  The life that I imagine truly isn't all that lavish, but in my mind worth so much more than what so many people strive for everyday, all in a rat race for something more.

One day this week, I was losing my mind thinking about how much I need to do for certain projects, so much that the thought of it all seemed to strip the very joy of it away from me. The part that doesn't come naturally is still just as important, but here I am, doing it all alone.  It made me question whether or not simplicity can happen in the same tune as an awesome career, or if one cluster of existing has to be sacrificed to achieve the other.  In the middle of working, I just stopped to let my thoughts marinate for a while.  Is this really something I want...because let's be honest: all the passion in the world won't be enough to build and sustain an entire empire.

Ignoring the possibility that my dreams could potentially be taking a new direction, I convinced myself that it was just a temporary feeling of being overwhelmed that will fade eventually and to keep working hard on what I've sought out to do.  But I could hear the angel on my shoulder whisper that I was beginning to throw myself into my career to avoid noticing something missing. And if I continued, one day I would be the lonely, independent career woman, who I never wanted to be.

The athlete in me is programmed to work hard and never give up. On top of what I was taught in sports, I've always had a competitive spirit.  However, I don't think it should necessarily be that way in other areas of my life. Because then, it becomes about other people rather than about me and the people who directly affect me. I don't want my work to consume me, even if it is something I love completely, nor do I want it to be something that requires popular vote in order to stay alive.

Interesting quote:

"I feel like the fantasy that propels you through your 20's was necessary and you needed it. As you start to get older, it's about reconciling the fantasy with reality and still maintaining a vision for your life-so that you're going towards what you want while still incorporating and folding in the reality of life experiences and how certain things, you don't have control over."   
-Tracee Ellis Ross

With that being said, is simplicity something to strive for or is it something that just is?

A question that I probably answered on my own without me even realizing it.


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