Saturday, June 28, 2014

Music Collective: Vol. 2 {For the Love of Geekdom}

Underneath the surface, I'm a true geek. I love comics and told you that my major is in a S.T.E.M. field, but it's goes beyond that. I'm also a retired Pokemon card collector and gamer, who will always have a special place reserved in my heart for old school video game consoles, The Sims, and I'm always in the mood for bizarre science fiction, tainted horror, and well-written story lines.  It wasn't that I ever tried to hide that side of me, I just rarely encountered girls with similar interest, completely oblivious to an entire geek culture that I'm just starting to learn about.  However, having recently joined an incredible group of girl geeks just like me, I am more inclined to share this side of me on my blog.  

With the childhood favorites slowly making their way back to modern-day television, such as Sailor Moon and Jem and the Holograms (which was actually a cartoon series before my time), I thought it would be fitting to do a segmented compilation that highlights some of my favorite scores, shows, and video games, past and present.

Today will feature some ridiculously talented musicians I came across on YT: first, a band, Post Modern Jukebox and an instrumentalist that goes by the name of Ecensi to follow. Absolutely love the musicians selected and their covers are super fun and creative.

1. Since I already mentioned it, first up is Jem and the Holograms: 

2. Sailor Moon

3. Pokemon

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

5. Game of Thrones

6. Final Fantasy VI [game]

What were your favorite shows and/or games growing up?And don't worry, your inner geek is safe here. = ]



  1. I see you have the FGBloggers button your sidebar... yay! So happy you found the group of geek bloggers :) When I first started blogging earlier this year I thought that all blogs had to be about fashion/beauty or be mommy blogs about couponing or something... which is totally fine if that's what you love, but I wanted to write about video games and geeky things and finding the FGBloggers group made me see that there's a whole community of geek bloggers and I love it! Glad you are opening up about your geek loves and can't wait to see what else you write about! BTW, I love Sailor Moon, TMNT and Final Fantasy too! :)


    1. Exactly. I used to feel the exact same way and it really made me feel restricted within my own little creative space, so I was beyond happy to discover FGbloggers! It's all so very exciting! It honestly felt like Christmas!

      Thank you for reading and I look forward to connecting with you more in the future! ♥

  2. Oh my! LOL. I watched and loved Voltron and Robotech; wow, I just aged myself!

    I have yet to watch Game of Thrones; everyone raves about it. I think it will be a series I'll catch up on on deployment during down time. - Jess L

    1. LOL I kinda did too, no worries.

      And yes...Game of Thrones is amazing. Believe the hype.


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