Saturday, June 21, 2014

Music Collective: vol.1 {Songs of Summer I}

Music has always been a pretty huge part of my life and one of those subjects I can talk/write about endlessly and never get tired of it. I listen to a wide range of artist and genres-everything from jazz to hip-hop to pop to dub-step. The Music Collective, originally titled Soundtrack Saturdays, began as a means to express my different moods, emotions, life events without having to say much, but grew into something like a haven for music heads and collectors alike. Because I grown so attached to this installment of my blog and admired myself for the consistency of it, I wanted to keep the "Soundtrack Saturdays" theme. And now, here I am, reintroducing it to those who are new to this blog and unfamiliar with my name [that I'm still establishing] floating in the blogosphere.

Forgive the seemingly disorder that this series appears to be in, but I chose to do it this way to sort of refer back to previous music related post from my other blog. To avoid confusion, I'll explain. After 2 years of building this massive collection of play lists, album reviews, songs of the moment, etc. this particular serious, it would all feel null and void if I didn't, at the very least, continue to build on it. 

Not all the songs are super new, but here's what's been on my radar so far this summer:

What are some of your summer 2014 anthems?

♥ Chymere A.

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