Saturday, July 26, 2014

Music Collective vol.6 {Songs of Summer II}

With fall semester being right around the corner and I settle back into a normal swing of a hectic school/work schedule, it only reminds me that summer, as I know it, is almost over. Next thing I know, it'll be Christmas! Since I didn't make room for road trips to the beach every other weekend, poolside BBQs, sun-kissed skin from playing in the sun, etc. summer turned out to be nothing like the fantasy. However, here are songs, new and old, that have been on my radar lately to put me in the perfect summertime mood:

  1. Maps x Maroon 5
  2. Am I Wrong x Nico & Vinz
  3. New Flame x Chris Brown ft. Usher and Rick Ross
  4. My Sweet Summer x Dirty Heads
  5. Sing x Ed Sheeran
  6. Rude x Magic!
  7. Foreign x Trey Songs
  8. Next to It x Lupe Fiasco, Ty Dolla Sign
  9. Bullit x Waterm├Ąt
  10. On Top of the World x Imagine Dragons
Also, did any of you notice something different about today's music post? Well, if you didn't or you're new here, I am doing away with the infamous 'Soundtrack Saturdays'...for good. No need to fret; in its place, I'm simply renaming the music series on my blog to Music Collective. I decided to do this so that my music post are no longer restricted to just Saturdays, leaving me room to post music related post multiple days of the week, if I choose to do so. Because this blogging platform is relatively new, you'll see some changes to previous post as well. If you're ever feeling nostalgic, or curious to take a look inside my music library, feel free to browse through the SS archives H E R E.

What songs make you feel like summer?

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