Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Music Collective: Vol. 10 {Sonna Rele + Daryn Alexus}

* Hi, everyone! *

Apparently, I have been under a rock somewhere, but my musical heart box has fallen in love again with yet another cluster of underground creatives, so today's Music Collective is a double header: one, London gem and the other a native of the District of Columbia. This beauty of a singer/songwriter/musician goes by the name of Sonna Rele. Her voice takes me to another place and the chills cover me undisturbed. Discovered via her 'Music Mondays' covers on Youtube, it makes me extremely happy that my beloved, Ne-Yo, has taken her talent under his wing, because he has absolutely stumbled across pure gold.

I've spent the past few nights lost in a zone from Daryn Alexus' dreamy voice. Drawn to her creative soul, I've been following her for awhile via tumblr and had no clue she was a vocalist. When I clicked to listen to her SoundCloud (click to listen), not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised with her sound. And the about crawling inside all of my feelings. Assuming that GREEN will an LP of sorts, we are hours short of its release and I'm super excited. I may even do a review.

These ladies are two very lovely artist with mountains of potential and I anticipate future projects from them both.



  1. I love when you share music, another great post!

  2. Sona is beautiful and what a great voice! I think that's the most I've ever liked "Pretty Hurts" tbh. And you were right about "Transgression" - dope lyrics that I could definitely relate to and the voice of an angel. I'm definitely gonna keep tabs on these two :)


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