Monday, August 25, 2014

Things Smart Girls Do

{Source. Dr. Joan Higginbotham, engineer & former NASA astronaut.
2nd black woman to become an astronaut}
[Disclaimer: This list is not to discount girls who do not go the traditional route when it comes to school or the ones who don't go to college at all.  I'm not perfect and I certainly haven't always made the best decisions, so, essentially, these are just things I am learning along the way from my own life experience and the incredible women I have chosen to surround myself with. Please, don't take anything personally, because if you know my story, you'd know I'm not out to offend or judge anyone for their personal life choices. In addition to that, some of the points are pure satire and not meant to be taken too seriously.]
I love moments when great conversations are sparked via social media, which I have been a huge fan of for a very long time.  The other day on  Twitter, as I was passively rambling about securing finances while you're young, I was inspired by two incredible women-one a blogger and the other a friend of mine-who both graduated from college debt free. Responding to one, I used the hashtag #ThingsSmartGirlsDo and the idea bulb turned on instantly. Like I said in the disclaimer, I'm not perfect and sometimes I get really upset with my younger self for her poor decision making skills. However, I am still growing and learning along with everyone else.

With no further ado, here is my list of 20 things that I believe smart girls are able to do. 

Smart girls...
  1. Write their own rule book and are confident enough to define themselves. 
  2. Surround themselves with positive energy, things, and people.
  3. Make time for and appreciate the people they love.
  4. Give credit where credit is due. 
  5. Read my blog, because...that's a thing! 
  6. Go to college or enroll in a career centered program.
  7. Focus on educating themselves with the resources given, whether they choose to go to college or not.
  8. much as possible.
  9. Graduate from college debt free. 
  10. Spend more time chasing God and success more than men and shots.
  11. Learn from their mistakes.
  12. Treat men in general with respect and kindness.
  13. Recognize the goddess in themselves as well as other women.
  14. Know when to stop and listen; when to stand and speak up.
  15. Know how to play it cool, even when they're dying inside.
  16. Know how to be beautiful, even on blah days.
  17. Put in work while waiting for "the next big thing" whatever the next big thing may be. 
  18. Don't wear heels to football stadiums, at least not uncomfortable ones. 
  19. Celebrate wins and learn from their losses. 
  20. Bloom into SMARTER women. 
I know the women reading this have some mind gems to share! What would you all add to the list??


  1. Lol, I love your list! Can I keep #1-3, 8, 12, and 20 close to me forever ever forever ever forever ever forever ever? Haha, I think something I'd add, listen to you louder. Advice and tips are from those around you are amazing, but listen to you more. Nourish that female intuition by giving it attention and succumbing to what it has to say. More often than not, it's right.

  2. Lovely list. I'd add that as women we need to move through life at our own pace and be confident in our timing. Often as people and especially as women we have pressure put on is to do certain things or we begin comparing ourselves


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