Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mara Hruby Speaks on Love + Passion

"...I know I'm a sensitive soul. I know I've been affected by a lot. I know I'm emotional and I feel like I can carry myself in a manner that it doesn't matter what the world brought me, I'm together. I'm in one piece. And I feel a power, a presence and a poise..."
-Mara Hruby 

For a while now, I've been a huge fan of this talented beauty, who was noted as a favorite from the very beginning. Aside from being an extraordinary singer/songwriter, I genuinely admire her, because she is always so regal and poised, but also complex; like some unknown creature from another planet. Even to someone who has studied her like a book for years, she remains a mystery; there are layers to her that she only offers glimpses of to the world and that's one of the many things I will always love about her.  I am incredibly moved by that, as well as her aura, because it all flows together so effortlessly with the emotion she pours into her music. 

StyleLikeU has always shots these interviews with such articulate angles. I applaud the brand for its consistency, diversity, and their unwavering commitment to quality.

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