Sunday, September 7, 2014

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A huge, and often misunderstood aspect of the law of attraction is that you attract who you are. It's more than  the affirmations you say aloud and the images posted to your wall for visualization; it's a total mental adjustment that has to be made. That basically means that on some level, conscious or subconscious, you attract certain things, people, situations into your life.  Our minds are such a powerful tool and if we're not careful, it can totally work against us. The more we become aware of what is going on beneath the surface, the better we are able to understand and recreate our circumstances.  

Today, I've created a short, detailed list of things I have been working on for years and still learning how to master. Hopefully, it helps someone better navigate their self love journey as well: 

1. How people approach you, along with what they feel comfortable telling you, says more about who YOU are than who they are. Do people feel comfortable gossiping with you or are they more inclined to share their dreams with you? Do your male friends respect you enough to treat you like a lady, even if you are just a friend? If you are surrounded by men who dog women and women who are fully of drama, that's not mankind working against you; it's you.  It's all about what kind of energy you exude. Love yourself enough to attract good things and good people into your life.

2. Lose that sense of entitlement. It's dangerous for anyone to feel entitled to anything.  For instance, an employee goes into his/her boss' office demanding a raise. When the boss asks why, their response is how many years they've been at the job.  The boss proceeds to remind that person of a long list of poor performance and the fact that he/she is fortunate to still have the job they have. The employee gets upset for no reason and storms out of the office. The reasons why we feel entitled are endless. Often times, we tend to treat life this way, as if the world is suppose to respond to our temper tantrums. You deserve friends when you show yourself friendly, you deserve a to be promoted when you work hard to earn it, and the list goes on. No one owes you anything.

3. Stop setting unrealistic standards. Unrealistic standards happen when someone isn't aligned with what they want, especially when it comes to relationships.  It's not fair to pray for something that you aren't receptive to at that point in your life (i.e. wanting something new, but not having room in your life for it). It's also unfair to want something that you don't have to offer. 

4. Most importantly, treat yourself well.  In keeping with the law of attraction theme, the way you feel about yourself will manifest how others feel about you. This goes hand in hand with the previous point. If you want people who honor, respect, and appreciate you, those people will only show up when you've learned to honor, respect, and appreciate yourself. They will gravitate towards your confidence and your good energy. The most amazing individuals practically show up on your doorstep when you are able to care for you without the need for outside validation. The better your relationship with yourself is, the better your relationships with others become. 

Pearls for the day: Work on building your house up before inviting anything/anyone in. Stay balanced. Stay focused. Stay positive. Last, but not least, Be the standard, and the rest will follow. Love starts from within.


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