Saturday, October 4, 2014

Life is Meant to Be Epic

Lately, I've been feeling like something is missing. And without it-whatever it may be-life just seems so...lackluster. I don't think it reflects how grateful I am for the things I do have nor how happy I currently am, but it's extremely difficult to ignore the frustration of trying to figure out what I need do-in this moment- in order to make life taste better. Because of this void, it is throwing everything else off. Maybe I'm experiencing some sort of quarter-life crisis for the first time. Whether it's a subconscious trick of the mind or my life is really as dull as it seems, I know something needs to shift soon. 

Only naturally, I began to compare my journey to the highlight reel of others. Friday nights would be spent laying in bed, browsing endlessly through social media, watching all these amazing things happen for my family members, friends and associates, and sending out congratulatory wishes with "green eyes". Little by little, I drowned myself in my own misery and convinced myself that certain circumstances were holding me back, rather than me taking responsibility for limiting myself. 

Note to self: The ally to emptiness is comparison and feeds the depression, so stop.

Earlier this summer, marked the beginning of a new era in my life. The phrase has a nice ring to it, makes for a respectable tagline as well. However, I wanted it to represent a new way of thinking.  I wrote that out with the intention of making it stand for something beyond blogging; I wanted to create the life of my dreams by living something worth writing about every single day. Apparently, I have been doing something wrong or, perhaps, nothing at all. 

Although I'm still sorting through the logistics of what I'm supposed to be doing, ultimately, shift is completely dependent on the actions I'm taking to make it happen.  It takes more than a hash-tag for thoughts to manifest, for life to unfold into this a beautiful existence to be proud of. Life is meant to be EPIC; full of love, bliss, adventures, new experiences, and moments that make us feel alive and liberated. Now is the time to put all this knowledge of how it should be to practice. Now is the time to do more than write out the phrase live beautifully, accompanied by a hash-tag; it is time to live beautifully too. 

+ This is a (to be continued...) post. Stay tuned for details about where you will be able to find Pt. II! +



  1. It might be that quarter life crisis, but just remember life doesn't stop. Think back on the years before this and realize how far you have come. I to last night, scroll through social media and developed all these stories behind picture with a few words in the description. But I woke up this morning and thought, "F*ck this shit". This shall pass too. I'll tell my daughters one day that 25 was funny but so was 36 lol. Its life.

    You got this!

  2. I can relate to you more than words and your post speaks volumes. This is something that I am going through with myself and especially since my friends are living the "high life" i guess you can and I can't help but compare myself to them, but it'a also something i'm trying to train my way of thinking to stop that too. the struggle is real but what GOD has is for you and only you and that's something I have to constantly remind myself.

  3. Yes! To a stance! As you mentioned, it could be the quarter life crisis, or it could be that things feel stagnant because you might feel like you're waiting for something to happen vs making things happen because there are times I feel the exact feeling that you feel and it happens when I'm doing the latter. The moment I shake things up, by doing something out of the norm, like a bike ride in the park for example, I'm immediately reminded of the spark that is life, the zest, and I feel alive. I think it's great that you're aware of what you want and are looking to take the steps to make that happen for you. I think that's also a part of living beautifully


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