Thursday, October 2, 2014

Music Collective: vol. 15 {The October Mix Tape}

Hello, October!

I'm so excited for your arrival. You're such a calm, reassuring month. As soon summer is over, my mind automatically making plans for the two of us. Deep down in my heart, I wish I lived somewhere with a colder climate year round, because 81 degrees in October is a bit disappointing; I've become antsy waiting for your cool breeze to float by.

Your presence is the first sign of Christmas in my eyes. I know it's a tad bit early, but I'm already anxiously waiting for it. Maybe, it's because when Christmas finally gets here, it's all over so fast, therefore,  I try to enjoy the coziness of said season for as long as possible...or maybe, I'm just a crazy nut who is utterly obsessed with the holiday itself. The lights. The festivities. The smells. The climate of cold outside/warm inside. If I'm crazy, then so be it, because I absolutely love it all.

However, this is not about Christmas; this is all about you: The beginning of college homecoming season, and the prime time of a popular American sport, where Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays are dedicated to football. On the nights that I just want to cuddle up with hot tea, a blanket, and music in the background, these are the songs I'll listen to, which reminds me that tomorrow is Friday and I finally get a chance to relax.  

Can't wait to experience all the wonderful things you have in store.

Ps- Hope you enjoy the compilation!!

no. I: 

  1. Water Under Bridges x Gregory Porter
  2. Rescue x Yuna
  3. Depth of My Soul x Thievery Corporation ft. Shana Halligan 
  4. Like Real People Do x Hozier
  5. Hey x King
  6. Turn Your Lights Down Low x Lauryn Hill ft. Damien Marley
  7. W.A.Y.S. x Jhene Aiko
  8. One Great Mystery x Lady Antebellum
  9. Enchantment x Corinne Bailey Rae
  10. Tuxedo x Cold War Kids
  11. Two Weeks x FKA Twigs
  12. Touch x Shura
  13. Say You Love Me x Jessie Ware
  14. By Your Side x Sade
  15. Latch x Sam Smith

no. II: 

  1. Dexterity x John Coltrane
  2. Elegant Soul x Gene Harris & The Three Sounds
  3. Body and Soul x Thelonious Monk
  4. 5 am x Herb Alpert
  5. Turnaround x Charlie Haden
  6. Teach Me Tonight x Erroll Garner
  7. Silk x Rick Braun
  8. Midnight Blue x Kevin Toney
  9. If I Could Fly x Vincent Ingala

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  1. Just reading through your compilation I know I'll love it b/c I see some of my favorites Ms.Lauryn, Corinne, Sade, Yuna (and Gregory Porter is my mom's favorite artist currently!) and I see some names I don't know so I can't wait to listen and discover some new-to-me artists! (although i'm putting it off until later because it's 1:30am and I'm awake reading blogs lol)


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