Sunday, December 14, 2014

Self-Love ♡ Sundays | Sometimes Ambitious

We are all aiming to live an exceptional life, even though our paths to achieving such a life vary. It's in my human nature to wonder if I'm going about life the right way; I believe we all do, which is why the self-help industry in any shape or form continues to capitalize its way through pop culture. Despite all the guides and insight available on how to live life, at some point, we have to figure out for ourselves what success means. For one group, it is a rat race, all competing with one another to attain a certain status and/or level of success. For another group, it's creating opportunities for themselves and following their own bliss. For both, it's a matter of searching for life's peak and attempting to reach ones highest potential. Although I have nothing against people in the first cluster, I absolutely consider myself to be intertwined with the latter.  

The dream chasers. The ones who will stop at nothing to get there, but often times have no clue where to start or how to make the best of what they have in this moment to make things happen...and I'm a huge advocate for making things happen. However, I found myself at a crossroads again, drained from running towards my goals at full speed, and suddenly, not knowing which way to turn or if I should turn at all. I came to a place where I knew the dreams embedded in my heart weren't exactly a stretch of the imagination anymore, but they felt so far away at the same time, therefore the chase became exhausting and I almost lost sight of them. 

One thing I've learned from being in this mind space is how important it is to be in alignment with the things I want. I can't pray for something if my actions are working against whatever it is I'm praying for, but then expect it to manifest.  In that regard, I have to meet God half-way and not expect the universe to do all the work for me. Now I know, in retrospect, to keep my vision clear and plain view, because any time you want something bad enough, it's hard to not keep going. 

I've noticed-in my experiences and that of others-it doesn't pay off to be sometimes ambitions-to sometimes want to be successful or to sometimes want to live a beautiful life-because those sometimes moments always turn into prolonged periods of laziness for most people. In other words, go hard or go home. This is what separates the doers from the dreamers; if you stay in dreamland too long, you'll eventually lose hope in dreams ever coming true. I never want to get to that place.

In a previous [self] love letter, I've written about perception and the realization of ones potential, but this is about knowing what to do once the mental part is resolved. This is about staying disciplined and continuing to go after a dream fearlessly, even in moments of doubt and perspiration. The crossroads are presented to teach us a lesson, not to create an obstacle, at least not one that's impossible to conquer. 

Pearls for the Day:  The law of attraction has a lot to do with movement, not just affirming words and pretty pictures. Imagine the thought of you being granted everything you work for! With that in mind, understand that manifestation involves action. Don't stop at the crossroads to question if you're doing the right thing or not. Just keep moving forward and trust that wherever you roam will lead you somewhere wonderful. 



  1. Love pearl of the day! It's so true you have to take action in order for things to manifest. I make a list every month, especially of items I've studied and apply it to my life at least for 3 days to help bring it into fruition. That is very important especially when learning new things. Have a lovely week!

    1. That's a good idea! I'm just starting to make monthly list so that I'll know the small steps I need to take in order to reach a certain goal. Thanks for reading and you have a lovely week as well! :)

  2. love this post, so many truths. I consider myself ambitious, but it def gets exhausting! it's comforting knowing that things will work out how they should. you have tons of potential and I know you will accomplish all that you have planned as well!


    1. Awww!! That's so kind of you and I appreciate your words of affirmation and encouragement so much! Thank you, love!


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