Thursday, January 8, 2015

Music Collective: vol. 21 {M.anifest}

Almost naturally, I'm drawn to music that is able to express the beauty of both struggle and triumph; the ones that are able to vividly paint an in depth perception of how the world looks through the artist's eyes. Whether it's an open interpretation, back and forth dialogue between instruments or through actual words, I really love songs that tell stories. I appreciate music that's saturated with heavy bass lines and addictive rhythms, but even more so, I love music that creatively promotes positive messages of hope and progress. It takes me to an extremely happy place when multiple facets of what I love about music in general exist in one space. Songs like that really move me on a much deeper level and I'm always on a quest for music that sets my soul on fire.

Some time recently, a song that I was in love with circa 2007 popped into my head randomly and I went on a serious web hunt looking for it. I couldn't remember who the artist was, just a few words from the hook and a vague recollection of the melody. Finally, I re-discovered She Lives from his debut album, but only reveled in it long enough to get the song out of my head.

Little did I know, being re-introduced to Ghanaian artist, Kwame Ametepee Tsikata (better known as M.anifest in the music world) would be one of those blessed moments where the whole listening experience felt like pure liberation. This man's talent is groundbreaking and absolutely deserving of worldwide recognition.

Earlier this week, as as I was jamming to his latest project, Apae: The Price of Free EP, the prolific lyrics throughout the entire album touched me in a soft spot, and I was certain that I stumbled across pure gold. Of course, it wouldn't be much like me if I didn't hunt for more of the music from an artist I'm semi-unfamiliar with, and I was equally impressed with everything I was able to find.

So open your heart, open your ears, and just press play. If you really listen to the songs I've selected, maybe you'll be able to spot the many reasons why I'm completely smitten. Enjoy!


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  1. love this, thanks for sharing. you have such a great ear for good music!


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