Saturday, January 24, 2015

Music Collective: vol. 23 {Tetsuo and Youth}

"The very personification of what hip-hop truly is-Lupe Fiasco, man..."  

When it comes to art, the biggest flaw is the lack of substance, as well as the lack of appreciation for other artist. Modern day culture is so synchronized with instant gratification, that sometimes, we're not in a position to experience the kind of art that takes time and effort and skill. It's the same with music. We don't want art, we want hits and even though the two can ride the same wave at times, they can also be very different. There is a time and place for thought provoking lyrics, a time and place for heavy bass lines, and I think the most hated rappers in the game get a lot of back lash for having content that this generation doesn't seem to want anymore. 

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  1. YES! Dots and Lines is soooooo important! We basically had the same view of the album...more art than an album


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