Sunday, January 11, 2015

Self-Love ♡ Sundays | Believe in Abundance

Through much trial and error with investing so much of myself, my time, and my energy into things and people that weren't designed to benefit me, I've learned that when I am focused on improving self, everything else naturally falls into place.

When I'm aligned with my purpose, I don't have to stress about things that don't exactly go as planned nor do I have to doubt that my prayers are being heard, because I know that everything is moving in the right order, at its natural speed, even when I don't always see it working out. 

See, there is a huge difference between praying/waiting and begging. In my experience, I've never been placed in a position to beg for anything. When I willingly put myself in a begging position, it almost never worked out. If it did, it's becomes more of a lesson than a blessing and I had to learn how to stop being so desperate to make my plans fit where they don't necessarily belong.  

Once I was unable to see the bigger picture with my own eyes, I was almost forced to trust God and the process/struggle of my life over my own limited view. The moment I did is when the image in front of me became much more precise. That's when I was reminded that what God has in store for me is absolutely mine and no one on this earth can take it away from me. There's also no need or room for me to beg. At that point, I was able to handle my prayers with caution, because I may very well receive what I'm praying for and it may not always turn out to be what I expected it to be. It's not to say that I don't ask for certain things, but to imply that not everything we're given in this world requires a chase. 

Every person that walks your way ain't for you. Every opportunity is not yours to take advantage of. That doesn't mean people you've personally invited into your space are bad people nor does it make you stupid for opening your heart to them. Closed doors aren't an indication of some kind of hole in the universe or that you've somehow miss the chance to utilize your gifts and passions here on earth; it just means that everyone ain't for you and those "missed" opportunities just weren't yours to have in the first place.

In other words, stop thinking that just because things don't happen within your expectations that there is some kind of lack in the world around you. It's all about what you are actively see(k)ing. 

We have to learn how to take responsibility for the part we play in certain situations. All day long, people are hosting endless discussions about the lack of good men, the scarcity of employment, and what's the news or in the tabloids. Meanwhile, we pretty much convince ourselves that it just isn't enough good to go around; that love, happiness, success are only given to select few and the rest of us are left wishing on a star. I'm here to tell you that's not the case, because although tragic things do happen and bad people do exist, there is an abundance of goodness floating around universe, waiting for us to not only be ready and open enough to receive it, but to also believe in abundance itself.

Keeping that in mind, I don't worry/stress about who or what comes and goes anymore, because that's not my concern. All I have to focus on in this moment is the development of self; to grow, to learn, to cultivate the dreams in my heart, to appreciate the things/people I am already blessed with, and to allow the energy I put into myself to attract the goodness that I know is out there, designed especially for me. 



  1. I love that I came acroas your blog this morning. Sometimes I go through the same thing where I'm beating up myself for missed opportunities when i should let God keep guiding me where he requires me to be. It's hard sometimes for us to see things fall into place until after they do but the beauty of faith is trusting and knowing everything will turn out fine. If I love me; I'll continue to improve who I am more.

    Thanks for the great read!

  2. "In other words, stop thinking that just because things don't happen within your expectations that there is some kind of lack in the world around you. It's all about what you are actively see(k)ing."

    I think, especially after yesterday, I have a new understanding of your words and I'm in love with it and I am going to take this with me as I live and shape my life. Thank you!

    1. I'm so glad my words meant something to you, love! We've all been there, but it's all about how you bounce back and choosing victory over defeat each and every time. "Gotta keep going..."


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