Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Peace of Mind, Pt. I

When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do was lock myself in my room and listen to music. Sometimes it would be just me and the music. Other times, I'd write a few notes in my journal. Most times, I would be laying on my stomach, flipping through my latest magazine. I wasn't old enough to subscribe to any, so every time I went grocery shopping with Mother Darling, I'd buy a new one using the little money I saved, along with a thrifted vinyl if I was lucky. Through the walls or a cracked door, I could hear whatever my parents were watching on TV or listening to on dad's big stereo above whatever I was listening to with my headphones...because back then, I didn't have a personal television and was, therefore, subjected to portable cassette and CD players for entertainment.

Days/nights like this still occur from time to time as an "adult", but nowadays, the magazines have pretty much been replaced with text books and advanced technology and the family is in a bigger house, so it's much easier to choose which sounds occupy whichever vicinity we choose to be in when we're apart from each other.

After the NBA All-Star events went off this past weekend, I found myself back in a childlike state, locked away in my room, entertained by the music playing in the background while I shopped my ridiculous bin full of 3 years worth of magazine subscriptions (I'm a hoarder when it comes to that). It was so relaxing to be completely lost in my zone again, doing something as familiar as skimming through those articles and images like they were headline news. Plus, I get exhausted by trends and what is happening in the world today. Meanwhile, I could hear my parents downstairs from my lofted area upstairs watching the Stevie Wonder Songs in the Key of Life Tribute; I unplugged my ipod speakers so that I was able to listen from my room. Amazing tribute, by the way.

Initially, I thought nothing of it, but something happened. Out of nowhere, a rush of gratitude and nostalgia really inspired me. I took photos of my newly cleaned/rearranged, dimly lit room, which made me fall in love all over again with my space and all the little pieces I've accumulated over the years to make it mine. I smiled at the framed pictures of my loved ones, feeling blessed to have such incredible people in my life. I was inspired by none other than Mr. Stevie Wonder to touch my very first keyboard, the one my parents sacrificed to buy me when I was 10. I played a song I made up in my head-something beautiful that I'll probably never play again-on those beautiful black and white keys for the first time in several months. And here I am, at 2 o'clock (going on 3) in the morning more inspired than I've been in weeks. I cannot explain this force, but the stars are aligning and God is so good.

I once learned that the way you treat the present prepares you for how you handle what happens in the future (i.e. how one manages finances when they're "broke", de-cluttering to make room for new things, freeing oneself of toxic relationships/situations to make room for positive ones, etc.). All I can say is, if my current feelings, as well as my silent actions are any indication of what's coming, I'm looking forward to it all.



  1. THREE YEARS OF SUBSCRIPTIONS?! I give mine away after the new month's issue arrives in my mailbox, but I keep the ones with really good articles or one of my faves on the cover. At one point, I was subscribed to Elle, Harper's, and Marie Claire and Redbook all at the same time, I couldn't imagine keeping all those lol. (Now I only sub to Elle).

    Also, I haven't played piano since my 10th grade recital, and my keyboard is now collecting dust in the closet. Maybe we should start a band?

    Lovely post, Chymere! Xx

    1. Crazy, right? And see there were a shit ton of them that recycled, but I've kept these because I would receive them and not even have the opportunity to read them...or I would read them and decide that I really like the content that month and I couldn't bring myself to get rid of them. so for the most part, they all stay.

      I was on subscribed to Nylon and GQ for a year; Elle, and Rolling Stone for 2. I want to say that GQ doesn't come out every month. Now I'm subscribed to none. lol I want to get back on it though for at least 2, but I gotta do a purge of what I have first.

      We should! lol

      Thanks for reading! xo

  2. This post is lovely. A beautiful reminder to stay grateful when you feel like you're in a situation that isn't as ideal as it could be.


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