Friday, April 17, 2015


 In Love With: where I am and where I'm being lead spiritually; the intimacy that is constantly expanding between me and God. Establishing and nurturing that relationship becomes even more important as I'm evolving. I'm just so blessed to not only have that connection, but to be able to dwell in it and keep my life structure in accordance to that place.

♥ In Lust With: This watch. These shoes. This outfit. These framesmanufactured using recycled wood from Ghana {pretty dope company--read about the story behind Bôhten Eyewear  {H E R E}

 Currently reading:  'The Best Yes: Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands' by: Lysa TerKeurst 

 Working On:  just overall balance and not stretching myself too thin. Sometimes I have all these great ideas and projects that I want to pursue, that it gets to be overwhelming to the point where I lose focus on whatever it is I'm supposed to be focusing on in that moment. Therefore, I am working on staying calm under pressure and not causing myself unnecessary stress by biting off more than I can chew.

 Favorite Words: "I hold back oceans, just to appear like a river on the surface."-me // At first, I saw that statement in a negative light, but now it serves as a note to self that reminds me of a personal goal I have in regards to who I am becoming as a woman. I used to believe that silent women could not be powerful or would not be respected in their career fields, but I've had quite the change of heart when it comes to that. I could probably write an entire post diving into that, but basically, I desire to be a woman with quite strength, who exemplifies femininity, peace, and serenity at all times...even in the moments I am chaos on the inside. 

 Favorite Visual:  All the pretty flowers coming into bloom!

 Listening to:  There are legit so many albums, songs, discoveries that I have fallen completely in love with; it's been a great year in music already. For the sake of content balance, I haven't even mentioned half of what I've been listening to on the Music Collective series. Right now, I'm really enjoying Cherry Bomb x Tyler, the Creator and Kaytranada, a musician/producer/DJ who is a new discovery for me, so those 2 artist have pretty much been on my radar this week. 

 Over the Moon About: things falling into place. I will be moving out this week, starting a new job next week, and it finally feels like all my hard work and sacrifice are starting to pay off.

 Thinking Of: changing the name of my blog (yes, again) and taking a more personal approach to what I write and how I write. By the time this post is up, the url will probably be new. Per usual, I can only hope that my current readers continue to rock with me through the changes and my audience continues to grow organically. 

 Dreaming Of: blueprints, construction materials, aesthetic details of gorgeous buildings that don't even exist yet. Have I ever expressed how much I love my major? One of the best choices I've made thus far. 


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