Friday, April 24, 2015

Easy, Breezy...

It's always an adventure when Sheriden and I link up. She's the kind of person who carries this kind of genuine energy that forces one to see life in beautiful colors and is always hopeful about what the day has in store. It's just all around good vibes with her and it's been that way since the day we met.     
As some of you may have figured out from the hints I've thrown out into the social media abyss, I recently relocated to another state. As exciting as it was to finally move out, I honestly felt like a little kid again, because it's sad to be so far away from the people I'm used to spending so much time with, but I'm thankful for the memories. 

While reminiscing, I found pictures from one of our many impromptu photo sessions from spring 2014 that I neglected to post on my blog. Actually, I was saving these photos for a magazine project I was working on at the time, that I never officially re-launched. I adore these photos, because not only did I love my outfit this particular day, she managed to capture moments that so effortlessly expressed simple, carefree bliss and fun times with an amazing friend, despite how awkward I tend to be in front of the camera.  And since I never shared this OOTD, figured I would pull out a wildcard, for memories sake.


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  1. I love this outfit! This style/these colors are my go-to look.


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