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City Finds | Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema

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Just to give a brief back story, I want to start this post by explaining why this place is so much more than a coffee shop for geeks. Looking at my life in retrospect, I'm always so amazed by growth and how different my life is compared to what it was a few years ago. Embracing where I am throughout the phases of my life has lead me to so many opportunities to be authentically me, design the life I was meant to live, and attract people who are beneficial to my destiny. It has also allowed me to better understand the familiar mantra 'Everything happens for a reason.'

One of the first things I noticed about growing is seeing the change in how I chose to spend my time. Because I spent so much time trying to fit in and getting lost in the crowd, I lost myself in the process. It's been a long journey to get to a place where I am comfortable simply being me. Although the changes were sometimes difficult to adapt to, every single step was worth it. At this point, I value my time and energy way too much to be around people who drain me or to venture into places I know don't belong in. Considering what I've been through, reaching this mental space is like nirvana to me and it feels so good to be able to come out of my shell and not be ashamed of who I am.

Over the years I've literally gone through a reverse transformation; I went from being a social butterfly to a quiet caterpillar wrapped in her cocoon; from bar hopping and entertaining pseudo friendships to finding contentment in complete isolation. As much as I enjoy my own company, it's not always fun to be alone and so trapped inside of my own little universe. It's beautiful to return back to loving and honoring myself, but I had to realize what experience I wanted to create in my relationships with others. Once I recognized what kind of souls and experiences I wanted to attract into my life, I knew I had to share my presence and connect with people face-to-face, eventually. In a strange way, losing a pet taught me that. 

After moving back to North Carolina a couple of months ago, two of my good friends recommended Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema, a local coffeehouse in the area.  Taking their advice lightly initially, I realized more and more why I needed to be here. As I gradually began to trust my reliable sources, I decided to take myself on a date Saturday night, exploring this place I'd heard so much about.

Upon arrival, I was immediately intrigued by the charm of the exterior, but I probably sat in the parking lot for at least 15 minutes speculating. I was so nervous to walk into a room full of strangers and debated if I should stay or leave. Ironically, a side effect of the previously mentioned transformation was a mild case of social anxiety. Once I finally mustered up the courage to walk in the door, I was greeted by someone who seemed to sense my nervousness. He kindly helped me feel more at ease and made sure I got settled in properly. I ordered a coffee and found a comfy loveseat to occupy. Something about the atmosphere put me in such peaceful state-of-mind and I felt completely safe to

The eclectic decor of this little hidden treasure caught my attention. The neon green walls and exposed brick were adorned with film/anime/comic/gaming posters, as well as artwork/photography from local creators. The book shelves that lined one wall were filled with everything from old school board games to figurines and souvenirs and the room was accented by fun objects like the phone booth from Dr. Who and a spaceship-like structure. This particular night, the cozy space was set up for live music and a comedy show; intimate, which is the perfect setting for my kind of fun.

The store itself reminded me of something I'd find in Little 5 Points, one of my favorite areas to explore back home, except that it was like nothing I've ever seen before. It spoke to me on so many different levels. Anyone is welcome; whether it's to watch movies, play video games, see different performances on the weekends, or just serve as a place to escape to and unwind. It's the perfect grounds to interact with a community of positive people who all share a variety of similar interest. My inner artist, nerd, music/coffee lover, and wannabe film buff were all happy to reunite in a common vicinity. 

The entire night was full of quirky music, lots of laughter, and all around good vibes. It felt liberating to spend time in a place where I felt accepted, where I had the freedom to be me without fear of judgement. Needless to say, I've fallen so in love with this perfect little coffee shop and adopted it as my go-to hang out spot. With all the upcoming fun things listed on the events calendar, I know exactly where I'll be spending most of my spare time this summer and the extent of my stay here in NC, however long that may be. Whether you're in town for a brief visit or currently residing anywhere in the triad area, I strongly recommend stopping by Geeksboro. It isn't just your everyday coffee spot; it's an experience.

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  1. Geeksboro looks so cute! And you're right, it definitely gives me Little 5 Points tease. Maybe when I come visit we can go to there :)


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