Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Album Review | Ego Death - The Internet

Artist/band: The Internet
Album: Ego Death (2015)

The moment the beat dropped on the opening track of Ego Death, I had a good feeling that I was going in for a treat with this album. So I pressed play to let the album ride and the baseline danced through my car stereo, the feeling of anticipation was revoked, because it definitely surpassed all my already high expectations and I was so impressed with the execution of this project. Without realizing it, I drove around for a little over 56 minutes, just to be able to capture the entire experience and it was in constant rotation-in my vehicle, while I cooked, while I prepared for my day in the morning, and before I went to bed at night- for at least a week after that. It was love at first listen and one of the best albums released in 2015. 

The story board of the of the album felt like listening to someone give a lyrical rendition of the thoughts scripted in a personal diary. It was a journey through a young adult's mind that recapped some of life's unexpected changes-in things such as dream chasing, relationships, and economy shifts-which are things someone of any age can easily relate to. For instance, Under Control, one of my personal favorites from this record, is the soundtrack of my life right now. Then there's Penthouse Cloud, another favorite that felt like a song for the culture. From my perspective, it really came off as an homage the black lives matter movement.  Probably in the most subtle and eloquent way I've ever heard in a song, this track vaguely highlighted the tragedies we face as a society. It sounded like a cry for help on behalf of those who felt powerless, almost like a prayer to a higher power.

Perhaps, my opinion is bias when it comes to musicians I love as much as or more than The Internet. Extremely underrated, Odd Future Records is compiled of some of the most underrated talent in the industry. The hipster swag and the eccentric sounds are slowly starting to make their way mainstream listeners' hearts without ever deviating from the underground artwork of who they are.

The Internet, a band that emerged from the label, has certainly come a long way since their humble beginnings in 2011, yet they still naturally embody that funky indie/neo-soul vibe that doesn't require auto-tune or remastering. With these musically-inclined kids from California who initially met on MySpace, it's all just pure talent.

This record very old-fashioned, 'in-your-mother's-basement' type music and that's what I have always admired about them. As long as they stay true to that, I'll always be a loyal fan and supporter.

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