Thursday, July 30, 2015

Music Collective: vol. 34 {Stella by Starlight}

Since the release of Robert Glasper's 'Covered' album, I've began my mornings with the sultry sounds and complex harmonies of Mr. Robert Glasper. It helps me invite an atmosphere of peace into my space to start the day on a positive note. Even the commentary of this record is full of positive messages that speak to my soul.

The title of this project is self-explanatory, as he creates distinct renditions of classics, such as the familiar jazz song, Stella By Starlight. As many times as I remember hearing this song growing up-from Charlie Parker, Nat King Cole, Stan Gentz, etc.-I've honestly never heard it played quite like this.  Every time Glasper touches the piano, it blows me completely away. It's admirable that even as a musician who has the ability to be innovative and pioneer something this generation will never have a chance to experience in their lifetime, he always takes advantage of every opportunity to pay homage to musicians that influence his music. At such a young age, he has touched the world with this incredible gift that transcends time and truly inspires me. 

Press play. 

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