Saturday, August 15, 2015

Music Collective: vol. 36 {Human Nature}

I'm in love.

While browsing the beauty community on YT for new curly hair routines, I accidentally came across Tootsie Jackson YouTube channel, TootsieTime. Almost immediately, my attention was redirected by a video of her performing a song (that I just so happen to love) for the first time on her channel. Curious about her sound, I clicked on the video to give her a listen.

Michael Jackson songs aren't for everyone's vocal range, so it's not often a cover of one of his world renowned songs impresses me. Not only is her sultry voice absolutely breath-taking, there's something extra special about flawlessly done Michael Jackson renditions. The last time I had goosebumps like this was Tori Kelly's iconic cover of P.Y.T. back in 2012 Ironically, both Human Nature and P.Y.T. are two of my favorite from my MJ collection, so I was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful her voice was on one of the greatest Michael songs of all time.

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  1. This was so beautiful! I love Tootsie and have been subscribed to her YT channel for some time. I just love her fun personality and I could listen to her talk for hours (that accent tho lol). And I used to trip off how she used to joke that she was Michael Jackson's daughter. She did an excellent job!


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