Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Music Collective: vol. 39 {Eryn Allen Kane}

The popular sitcom, which is also my favorite show on television right now, Being Mary Jane, is becoming notorious for its stellar music selections. Like the last play list posted, I've found not only a new song to love via this soundtrack, but an artist to fall in love with as well. She goes by the name of Ms. Eryn Allen Kane and surprisingly, I'm the one that's been under a rock. Publications such as 'Essence' magazine and 'The Fader' have already landed interviews with this talented and absolutely beautiful young singer/song writer, so I'm sure music bloggers across the spectrum were already hip.

The scene begins, the song plays, and suddenly my attention went from watching how the rest of the show played out to researching who this girl was; it was such a breath of fresh air. Thank you Shazam, for immediate results.  It kind of reminded me of that time I fell in love with Janelle Monae back in the day or even Tori Kelly, who I absolutely adore. This time, however, it was...different, because it's a new sensation every single time something like this happens. Then, I rushed to Google to discover that she was as beautiful as her art. Naturally, it became a blog post.

All I can say is this girl has absolutely won my heart before the beat dropped. Timeless vocals. Thought-provoking lyrics. Incredible, jazz inspired instrumentals. I am personally anticipating what's in store for this young artist. 
Press play. 


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