Saturday, December 5, 2015

New Year's Reso: Lessons on Clarity, Peace, and Consistency

The circulation of a new year always brings about the motivation to change, to do better the next time around. Although every single day is a new beginning, it's something ultra special about a brand new cycle of 365 and turning to another January on the 12-month calendar. I'm all for it; the newness, the hope, the possibilities. However, this year has taught me certain things that spark a different perspective on how I need to challenge myself in order to make the new year exceptionally better than the ones prior to it. 

There are a few things that immediately come to mind when I think about my goals for the year. It's the standard 'go to the gym' and 'travel more'. Those are among the other list of things I can think of to improve myself, but when I took the time to dig a little deeper and reflect on what lessons I've learned in 2015, I realize it goes beyond that. The most stand out trait I seem to always be working on is consistency. It's also something I've had to evaluate within myself via other people and the mirrors they hold up for me to face. The most prominent of all is retaining peace of mind, no matter how the tides shift.

Consistency brings out clarity. It puts our actions in alignment with our thoughts and the things we claim to want out of life, as well as those expectations for other people. Last summer, I wrote an entire post on Twenties Unscripted (( read h e r e)) about consistency, yet it's one of those things that I admit to not mastering yet. And it's not just doing something consistently, but also being able to stand firm in the decisions you make, to carry out a project until completion, getting back up after failure, and the list goes on.  Being inconsistent causes a wave of mix signals to manifest to the universe, so we are ultimately in charge of everything that manifest in our reality. We welcome our own circumstances. We create our own limitations. Therefore, in the coming year I want to focus my energy on simply being and remaining consistent. 

Ultimately, peace of mind is the most important thing we can cling to; peace when unexpected tragedies occur, peace when emotions and situations change, peace when life is a beach and the same peace in the middle of a tropic storm. It's human nature to be stressed or be anxious, as long as we don't allow panic or fear guide or handle whatever it is we are stressed about. Most things are out of our control and once we begin to accept that, it's comforting to know that we don't have to control everything.  

On so many separate occasions this year alone, I've been placed in situations that were designed to make me lose my cool. Because I value my peace so much, it's just as important to protect it at all cost. Sometimes I've allowed a negative attitude to get the best of me, but I've found that the most beautiful things tend to happen while I'm in a peaceful state, despite what is happening to or around me. Times where I've doubted the power of peace, it wasn't long before I came to the conclusion that peace trumps most -if not- anything there is to possibly worry about and it's the perfect way to generate more positive energy and "good vibes".  

With that being said, my new year's resolutions are to apply what life experience has taught me about consistency, gaining clarity, and protecting my peace. I do believe these, like most things, come with practice, but as long as I'm diligent about keeping the three in tact, the quality of my life will transform who I am in the most amazing ways. 

What lessons have you learned this year that somewhat mold how you walk into 2016? 



  1. WOW! That was noteworthy. I like the definition of consistency which is something I need to work on too.

  2. Great post, Chymere. Consistency is so important in life! But at what point do you think consistency turns into monotony? I find myself often walking a fine line between the two, and that gets tricky. Xx


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