Friday, April 15, 2016

Music Collective: vol. 44 {Release Your Inner Trill}

So I have this new motto that I literally keep in front of my face all day and that is: Boss Up + Prosper. If you read my most recent Self Love Sundays post, you'll know how it came about. Basically I had to motivate myself to shift my mindset into execution mode, to really take the rest of this year to put myself in position to receive all the things I'm asking for. It's just become a daily reminder for me, because I know how easily it is for me to give in to my shortcomings. 

Fun fact, hip-hop and jazz are the genres that are primarily responsible for my love for music. As you can probably gather, I listen to pretty much everything, however, I always those two genres always have this way of reminding me who I am and bringing me back to my center. Sometimes I need a calm, gentle reminder like a mother coaxing her crying baby to sleep and that's where jazz comes into play. Other times, I need that raw, tough, bossy, "in-your-face" type of life coaching via music and hip-hop becomes that. 

Now, I am very selective about what I consider to be hip-hop and what I feed my spirit (and I can roll into an entirely different topic on that note), but there tends to be a heavy usage of profanity in at least 80% of the rap music I listen to. Although I'm not apologetic about nor am I offended by what I choose to listen to, I still want to issue out a disclaimer to those of you who are sensitive to foul language. 

This play list is just fits so perfectly with the mantra I've come up with to keep working towards my goals and continue striving to be the best at everything I do, so I wanted to share it in the case that someone needs a bit of a confidence boost or a few dope tunes to replace stress with the inner trill that I believe is inside of you.


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