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7 Tips on Creating a Positive Work Environment + Creative Space | The #CreativeBossBae Series

If you're anything like me, it's easy to get spend an endless amount of time, scrolling through Pinterest for office and home decor inspiration. As someone who studies architecture, I've always really intrigued by the functionality and design of everyday work/play spaces, which leads me to the topic I'll be diving into today. For visualization purposes, I'll also include images of different office and living spaces that I'm personally inspired by.

Keep it light

One of the best tools with staying focused and being more productive is having a clean space. Although the minimal, all-white-everything approach isn't for everyone, clutter can be a distraction, so assigning a specific place for everything helps a lot, as well as finding physically appealing ways, such as color coding, to organize your work area. If you're a paper person, it may be best to invest in a file cabinet that makes it easy to keep everything organized. There are also various software programs that allow you to scan files and upload and store them to your computer's hard drive, making it easier to have instant access to all the documents you need. 

Surround yourself with images/quotes that inspire you

I love having inspirational quotes printed and hung in my office space. Currently, Good Things Come to Those Who Hustle is a one I keep in a spot right beside my desk. It motivates me to get shit done, even on days when I don't feel like doing much of anything.I really like having that at eye level, where I can see it daily to give me that extra push whenever I need it. I also like to keep frame pictures of my family and close friends. In the future office of my dream home, it would be ideal to have a theme that goes along with my industry, so that might be a good way to activate creative juices as well.
Check out these Free inspirational Prints for Boss Babe Offices via 

image via @HarperandHarley IG

Fresh Flowers/Plants

There has been ton of research conducted about the benefits to having living plants and the practice of maintaining good zen and  in the home. Because I don't know too much about the art of feng shui, I won't dive too deep into the subject matter, but I do encourage the habit of buying fresh flowers and plants to bring life into your creative space.

+ Coffee table books/Magazines +

Anytime I'm experiencing some kind of anti-creativity spell, I like to take a break and flip through magazines or refer back to the bookmarks in some of my favorite easy reads, which are normally self-help books geared towards women entrepreneurs. This has proven to be a really great way to refocus and find new inspiration to build upon. 

+ Maximize your space +

Sometimes working from home limits the amount of space you have, especially if you live in a one bedroom apartment and only have a corner big enough for a small-medium desk. If you are sharing the space with someone else, it becomes even more limited. In this case, it's important to organize things accordingly and find storage solutions that works for you. 

+ Music +

This one is more so based on preference, because not everyone like to work in a noisy environment. I'm not one of those people; music is constantly playing to some extend in the background and it's really hard for me to function without background noise.  A while ago, I created a play list of songs I like to study to, and if I can find it, I'll link it, which is compiled mostly of jazz and instrumentals. 

+ The essentials +

Last, but not least, keep the important things visible, which pretty much goes hand in hand with keeping it simple. The only things that should be on your desk are things that you will always need, such as agendas and planners, pens and pencils, headphones, etc. In the future, I'll share a collection of portable essentials that bring ease and comfort to my at home work life. 

I really love YouTuber, Krystal Key's, desk set up and I'm currently using her set up as inspiration for my next home office/creative space:


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