Saturday, June 17, 2017

8 Steps to Becoming the Woman of Your Dreams | The #CreativeBossBae Series

Girl crushes. Role models. #GOALS. We all have that one woman/cluster of women who automatically come to mind when those words pop up. Ranging from our own mothers to former First Lady Michelle Obama, she's the woman who epitomizes everything we hope to one day be and has something or many things that we all strive for in this lifetime. Even down to our chosen tribe and the lady friends we keep in our vicinity, there's something incredibly empowering and magical about being surrounded by women who inspire us. 

However, I want us to focus our attention inward. Envision the best version of yourself, and for a moment, happily exist in your own Glo-Up. What does she look like? What does she have that you don't have right now? What are her relationships like? What is her occupation? Is she living out her purpose? The most important question: how did she get there?

Quite frankly, these are all questions I'm still answering myself, as my ideals about success and happiness have evolved over time, but what I'm realizing - via my own progress - is that I am slowly, but surely, becoming the woman of my dreams.  As cocky as it sounds, it took a lot of self work to even feel like I'm almost there, but - of course - there's always room for improvement, no matter how far along we've come.

You probably won't become the woman of your dreams overnight, however, a good place to start is by following these 8 guidelines, designed to help you walk confidently in that direction:

Certainly, there are millions of resources dedicated to helping women find themselves, but this guide is designed to be a little less intense than a self-help book. Who knows? Perhaps, one day it will be a published book. Until that happens, these points are just a simplified way to help my fellow #CreativeBossBaes tap into hidden potential and be the goddesses we were all called to be. 

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