Tuesday, November 7, 2017

beautifully broken

It's Tuesday night and finally winding down after a productive day. Days like this make me incredibly thankful for the smallest of things, because I can recall a time when it was a chore just to pull myself out of bed. Facing the day, taking on each challenge as it comes, and smiling to myself in awe about how far I've come when no one even knew where I was. As I cuddle up with my lap top and a chai tea latte, Sabrina Claudio swoons softly I..am..confidently..lost in my earbuds, and I simply allow the words to marinate. The lyrics resonate, as this is the exact place I'm in at this point in my life. 

It's so beautiful to now live in the comfort of my own skin, where I'm no longer ashamed of exploring the dimensions of myself and not afraid to live on my own terms. And although I don't always have a clear view of what's next, I don't allow that to stop me from pushing forward regardless if I can see what's ahead or not. 

The brokenness I've struggled with in the past seems almost non-existent and though I'm far from perfect, there's something so phenomenal about being a broken for a season. Once I become whole, God is constantly breaking me down to become a new person and to live life according to a divine purpose, but how I handle that break down now and the adversity that comes with it is much different from what it was just a few years ago.  Being beautifully broken means allowing God to mold and reshape me into the woman I am called to be and it really doesn't get much more more beautiful than that.

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