Thursday, November 2, 2017

the idea of you

Letter to my future self:

Often times, I get caught up in whatever is troubling me right now, trapped in the struggle of that perpetual 20's crisis, which makes it hard to envision you in the future. Although I want the best for you, sometimes I have a hard time deciding what that looks looks like. It's been strange to think about, because thoughts have power and choices determine outcome 90% of the time. Hopefully, my decisions align with my prayers, as well as God's will and destiny for my life.

[Jeremiah 29:11-13]

Nowadays, however, I'm so in love with the idea of you. I can't help but think you are wildly successful. I've never been the type of woman to plan her wedding day or put herself in scenarios with children she doesn't have yet. However, I've always had this determination to do great things, even though that ambition was sometimes idle, because I didn't always know what to do with it. It's not hard to recall the days where I felt worthless and all the uplifting songs, sermons, and self-help books in the world weren't enough to make me feel different. Now look at you: a college graduate and entrepreneur, glowing with self-love and the favor of God. Success really does look amazing on you.

The family is proud and everyone around is in good health and good spirits. You've been able to exceed all the expectations that were set out for you and surpass the standard that seemed too high to reach once upon a time. Pay attention to the ones who have been rooting for you all along, who could see your potential in you way before you stepped into purpose to unlock it. 

And this amazing relationship you have with that gorgeous man you call the love of your life is all God. Here is someone who chooses you and shows up for you daily, prays with you, for you, and on your behalf, supports you, who adores every inch, every layer, every sacred/secret crevice, who is patient, kind, loving, and respectful...he's a keeper, and obviously, you know by now that all the past heartbreak and disappointments seem invisible at this point. Sometimes the love you share may not seem real and fear will trick you into thinking it's too good to be true. God heard your prayers, sis, so just enjoy each moment and don't take it for granted.  [Song of Solomon 8:4]

I can just imagine that bright, beautiful smile spreading across your face as you re-read this love letter to you, to us. You've transcended life's storms gracefully and everything makes sense now and everything ultimately worked together, just like Romans 8:28 said. Nothing will ever be perfect, except the timing and will of God, so remain faithful, even as you're striving towards greater goals. 

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