Saturday, December 2, 2017

Faith. Finance. Focus. Fitness. [Almost 2018]

A new cycle of 365 days is upon us and no matter how much we try to stray away from creating resolutions, it feels almost unnatural not least for me it does. However, instead of creating this prodigious list of goals to conquer, I go into each year with a theme of sorts. For instance, 2016 was all about consistency, gaining clarity, and protecting my peace. That was the energy I started the year with and the universe met that expectation gradually. 

For 2018, I've come up with 3 words to set the tone for the year: faith, finance, focus, and fitness. My lessons in each department have been on-going and a struggle at times, but it's time - beyond time - to take what I've learned thus far, apply it, and continue to cultivate each area.


Faith is a very personal part of my life, something that varies from person to person. My relationship with God seems to be getting better, deeper, sweeter every moment, but because I am human with doubts, fears, insecurities, and slip and fall like everyone else, it's absolutely one of those things that I have to constantly keep in check. Faith over fear and faith over failure.


Listen...I think we are all finding our way in this department. Obviously, there are people who are doing very well for themselves in their twenties, but for many of us - including myself - managing finances, building credit scores, saving money, etc. is a struggle. The silver lining is the struggle doesn't last forever, so it's a process. And by becoming more financially savvy, I will then be equipped to reach out to educate other people and communities about financial literacy.


An area I struggle with constantly is staying focused. Managing The Sky Box Suite was actually an ambitious project I took on that truly tested my level dedication and consistency. After celebrating 1 full year not too long ago (November 2017, to be exact), I realized just how much I am able to achieve when I dedicate at least one year to consistent effort. Laser focused on all the ambitions I have honestly been so lazy about pursuing, one step at a time. Right now, getting my finances in order is obviously a priority, as well as stepping back into academia, and I know how hard it is to balance both. To accomplish these things, I know I have to get serious, even if it means making a weekly practice to eliminate all distractions (i.e. social media) in order to get things done.


To my final theme, getting back in peak performance shape is going to be the aim this month leading into next year. Typical, but my argument against that is having been an athlete (swimmer) most of my life, so training won't be new territory for me. Aside from overall health, the most important thing about it is making more of an effort to do what I love and swimming has always played a huge role in doing what makes me happy. It's something I've been putting off for a while, so it's long overdue. The second I get the momentum going, I'm good to go, which is why I'm headed to get an early morning workout it at the conclusion of this post.

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