Saturday, August 10, 2019

Saturday Morning Cartoons

I remember waking up on Saturday mornings, tuning into my cartoons before swim practice accompanied by a bowl of cereal. I don't recall the exact order, but Recess was one of my favorites that came on the Saturday morning lineup. I could spend the entire morning, just laughing my heart out and living vicariously through my fictional, animated friends.

Cartoons will always be something that elevates my spirit and instantly puts me in a good mood. They have the same meaning they did to me back then; only as an adult, I'm able to better understand why characters like Ashley Spinelli from 'Recess' resonated with me, how Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere were able to create a cartoon who still embodies parts of my personality so well. 

There are even anime's such as FLCL that I'm now able to dissect on an intellectual level. Although I didn't grow up watching it, I binged watched it recently and it couldn't have been a more perfect time to get into that series. Not only did I love the depth, the storyline, the rush of imagination, I also will forever love the person who introduced me to Haruko, Mamimi, Naota, and the rest of the gang of wildly relatable and unforgettable characters, who I will also love forever.

When I came up with the new direction for my personal blog, I was inspired by the cartoons that meant so much to me growing up. I wanted it to have playful and nostalgic feel, but I also wanted it to symbolize where I am on this journey with blogging; because although I'm constantly evolving as a person, it's important to remember why I started, what compelled me to document my life on the internet in the first place. And yes, I will eventually remove Spinelli from my logo/header due to copyright laws, but for now she's perfect right where she is, absolutely fitting for where I am as well.

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Chymere A. 

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