Thursday, February 20, 2020

Bigger Than Me

Journal entry | 02.20.2020

Bigger than me...

My goals, my ambitions, my aspirations in life are bigger than me.

Evolving pass, growing through, and rising above any negative circumstances outside of my control is bigger than just me.

Breathing through anything that tries to break, harm, or destroy my spirit will help me cultivate more empathy and compassion when it's time to offer my healing process/healed energy to others; therefore, it's bigger than just me.

Not allowing the heartbreak I am currently experiencing to turn me cold and bitter will only empower and enable me to open my heart again when the time is right, as well as create a safe haven for those who genuinely (desire to) love me. The love I'm able to give and receive is bigger than just me...

-Signing off- 
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"...the sky's falling, the wind is calling / stand for something or die in the morning..."

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